GMAT vs GRE. Which Test is Right for You?

top differences between gre and gmat

Are you one of those who got a bundle of questions on GRE and GMAT like “Which one is better? Which has better scope?” Well, clear it up there and get all your questions clarified here.

GRE and GMAT, both are standardized tests for students who want to study for bachelor’s or Management courses outside India. Earlier, business schools have only GMAT as their acceptable entrance test. But recently most of them have cleared those restrictions. Now, this new method of either GRE or GMAT is confusing most of the students like which test is to be prepared for.

Before choosing one, let us explain the difference between GRE and GMAT


Factors GRE GMAT
Full form Graduate Record Examination Graduate Management Admission Test
Exam Fee INR 15,000 approx INR 18,000 approx
Score Range Verbal Reasoning – 130 to 170
Quantitative Reasoning – 130 to 170
Analytical Writing – 0 to 6
Min – 200, Max – 800
Exam Duration 3.75 hours 3.5 hours
Section-wise Duration Verbal Reasoning- 30 min
Quantitative Reasoning – 35 min
Math or Verbal – 30 or 35 min
Analytical Writing of 2 essays – 60 min
Integrated Reasoning- 30 min
Quantitative Reasoning -62 min
Verbal section – 65 min
Analytical Writing of 1 essay- 30min
Score Valid for 5 years 5 years

Both GRE and GMAT exams have the same section pattern as Analytical Writing, Verbal Reasoning, and Quantitative Reasoning. In the process of choosing which test suits you, let us compare section-wise.

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Is Quant your strength?

The quantitative reasoning section for GRE and GMAT won’t have much difference. The topics covered in quantitative reasoning will be arithmetic (basic operations, fractions, decimals, factors and multiples, percentages, ratios, etc), Algebra, Geometry, Basic probability, Permutations and Combinations, Basic statistics, etc. The only point they differ is, the way the question is asked. GMAT’s quantitative reasoning question’s wordings will be tricky when compared with GRE. A similar concept question will have extras added to test whether you can understand the actual question and solve it. So, quantitative is harder in GMAT than GRE.

Are you a pro at Verbal?

When you compare GMAT verbal vs GRE verbal, it’s easier in GMAT than in GRE. Comprehension passages and critical reasoning sections are common for both exams. GRE has text completion and sentence equivalence questions in which you are asked to fill the blanks with appropriate words. GMAT has sentence correction questions that are mostly based on grammar. So, the GRE test can opt if vocabulary is your strength. Or if you have a good grip on grammar, you can go with GMAT.

How better can you write?

The analytical writing section has an essay to be written with a time limit of 30 minutes for GMAT and 60 minutes for GR. In GRE, 2 essays need to be written and only one for GMAT.
The scoring methods also differ for GRE and GMAT. GRE Analytical Writing section has 2 parts, analyzing an issue and analyzing an argument by which your thought process and analytical skills will be accessed and scored in the range of 0-6 scale. While GMAT analytical writing is for assessing your use of vocabulary, arrangement of ideas, topical evaluation and scored in the range of 0.0 -0.6


To select which test is right for you, first, it is better to take some mock tests for both GRE and GMAT and assess your strengths. Then, if you are doing well with vocabulary than grammar and you find quantitative easy, GRE can be a good option. Otherwise, you can go for the GMAT. Another suggestion is, if you are decided to go to business schools, it is better to choose GMAT than GRE. Even though the questioning pattern is tough, through attending GMAT training sessions and practicing, a good score can be achieved. Moreover, business schools prefer GMAT which assesses your data interpretation skills in critical times which is needed for Business Management.

To say which is better in GRE and GMAT, the truth is both are equally important. Choose one depending on the program you are interested in. One more important point to remember is, check the trend of the score of GMAT or GRE for the next 5 years to set your goal score. Have an Eagle eye on the trends; it will help you reach heights.