GT Prep GRE Reviews

The GRE is perhaps the single most important examination for any student who plans to take up a post graduate course in the United States in a subject that is not related to management. Most of the aspirants for a post graduate program in a university in the States are required to write and report the scores of the GRE or Graduate Record Examination as a part of their admission process.

The GRE tests the student on his or her understanding of fundamental concepts in English and Math, and ability to apply these concepts at the college level. For certain programs or universities, the student may be required to write the GRE subject test, which tests the knowledge of the subject more in depth. A student may also choose to give the subject test in order to get an edge over other students when applying for a post graduate course.

At GT Prep, we have a carefully curated syllabus that is designed to provide a wide exposure to the various types of questions or problems that you may be asked to solve. We have an expert and experienced faculty that specializes in providing strategic training to students attempting GRE for the first time as well as students looking to improve their scores. At GT Prep the class sizes are smaller which helps, students to benefit from peer support in a group learning environment as well as get, much needed personalized attention from the teacher when required. The classrooms are equipped with state of the art learning aids as well as comfortable seating. Students learn in an environment that is engaging and confidence building, which gives them both the competence and confidence to complete the GRE with their best possible score. At GT Prep, we are committed to helping students realize their dreams of studying abroad and have ensured that no stone is left unturned in this regard. We have successfully helped a number of students to get into the university of their choice by getting an above average GRE score. Our happy students have left us a few tokens of regards as well as suggestions for improvements in this page. We request you to read them before taking the important decision to sign up with us, so that you can have an understanding of the quality and extent of service you can expect from us.