GT Prep IELTS reviews

Whether you are aiming to study abroad in an English-speaking country or to immigrate to one, you will find that the IELTS is a test that you will need to take as part of your application process. Many of the candidates who attempt the IELTS have to not just brush up their knowledge of English language, but also make themselves conversant with the test pattern and syllabus of the exam

At GT Prep, we have a dedicated IELTS coaching center that can allow students to improve their English comprehension, writing and conversation skills, not just for the sake of the IELTS exam but also for gaining more confidence in day to day conversations and communication.

Indeed, a number of our students have told us that the training our expert teachers have imparted them have helped them even after they have moved abroad and have given them confidence to hold conversations with native speakers with ease. Our approach has been to train the students to improve the basics of English language communications, while at the same time, providing them with the strategies and consistent practice required for attempting the IELTS test with confidence and emerging with the requisite band that would help them gain entrance into the college of their choice, or become eligible for immigration to countries like Australia and Canada, amongst others.

Our IELTS coaching department is committed to helping aspiring students and immigrants, achieve their perfect IELTS score with the right mix of tutoring, group study efforts and syllabus. Our state-of-the-art classrooms are equipped to give students an enhanced experience of learning, which will encourage them to strive for more. The faculty we have selected for the IELTS department have been handpicked from amongst the best English teachers and have many years of experience in teaching the language for competitive exams. The syllabus for the exam is also evaluated and redesigned each and every year in order to ensure that it reflects all changes to the pattern or content of the examination.

We have successfully trained a number of candidates to achieve band 7 or higher in the IELTS examination. However, we measure our success by the number of students who have happily shared their experiences in the reviews. If you are thinking about joining IELTS coaching at GT Prep, then we recommend that you read these reviews to get a full understanding of the extent of our services.