Best Books for GRE Preparation Section-wise 2021


GRE – Graduate Record Examination score is one of the deciding factors for abroad education/. A good GRE score can take you to land at the best universities around. Most of the global universities accept GRE scores as eligibility checking tests of the candidate.

The difficulty of reaching a target score in GRE depends on each individual’s skill. Some may get it on their first try and some may not. So the practice should depend on the level of strengths and weaknesses. Along with taking help from GRE training institutes, book preparation is the best method and also a secret for success.

How to find the best GRE Prep Book?

  1. If this is the first time or starting your preparation for the very first time preparing for GRE, then it is better to take a mock test or sample test to know about your strengths and weakness. Then you can plan the preparation based on that.
  2. Focus on the weakness and prioritize more time for them. Along with that, prepare for the remaining topics too.
  3. Check the contents of the book and check whether your needs are being fulfilled by those books. Until the topics which you need to prepare for GRE are not present in the book it is not useful for you.
  4. There is no rule that one book is enough for GRE preparation. In general, there are individual best books for each section. So pick more than one book for the best practice tips for GRE.

After all these steps, get the books from any physical book store or online book store. You can even check the reviews on the books before buying them. Then plan the preparation based on the time left for the test. Check out our GRE 3 month Study Plan.

Best Books for GRE 2021:

Check out the list of best books to get to prepare for GRE 2021.

1. The Official Guide to the GRE revised General Test

This is the best GRE official guide to prepare from beginners to professionals. ETS is the publisher of this book, which is also for many prep books of other tests. The book’s third edition is currently available with the following topics:

  • Hundreds of real-time GRE questions
  • Answers to all kinds of queries
  • GRE preparation strategies
  • Problem-solving steps and strategies for Quantitative Reasoning
  • Reader feedback and sample essay questions

2. Book of GRE Practice Problems

Zeke Vanderhoek, a Teach for America alumnus and Yale graduate, has put together a 5 Lb. book of GRE practice problems. The book is intended to provide academic education that can assist you in learning the abilities required to perform well on the GRE.

There are over 1800 practice problems, as well as solution keys and explanations. With the book, you’ll also get a digit code sticker, which can be used to gain access to select free GRE online tests. These can be useful for the candidates who are planning to re-take the GRE test.

3. The Princeton Review GRE Prep 2021

Another popular book for GRE preparation. Following are the topics covered in this book.

  • 4 practice tests full-length
  • Reviews on each topic
  • Advanced online practice tests

Having a good amount of practice tests for real-time practice is the advantage of having this book.

4. Manhatan 5 Lb. Prep GRE – 8 Strategy Guides

The fourth edition of Manhattan GRE prep Set of 8 Strategy Guides, which includes new GRE questions and practice tests, is now available. This book covers the following eight major topics of GRE based on the test format:

  • Algebra
  • Geometry
  • Fractions, Decimals, and Percents
  • Number Properties
  • Word Problems
  • Quantitative Comparisons and Data Interpretation
  • Reading Comprehension and Essays
  • Text Completion and Sentence Equivalence

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Best Books for GRE Section-wise Prep

Best Books for GRE Quant Section

Here is the list of best books for the GRE quantitative section.

  1. Manhatan Prep: GRE Math Strategies
  2. Princeton Review: Math Workout for GRE
  3. Be a Human Calculator

Best Books for GRE Analytical Writing Sections

Here are the best books for GRE Analytical writing practice

  1. GRE Analytical Writing: Solutions to the Real Essay Topics
  2. Sample Essay for GRE by Andrea Schiralli

Best Books for GRE Verbal Reasoning section

Here are the best books for GRE verbal reasoning practice

  1. The Vocabulary Builder Workbook: Simple Lessons and Activities to Teach Yourself
  2. GRE Verbal Workbook
  3. GRE Word Problems

Having a book on hand for GRE preparation always helps you in a better score. Plus, you can opt for GRE Coaching classes to get extra expert tips.