6 Best Tips to Prepare For SAT In 2020

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The SAT exam is one of the most common entrance tests for students who plan to pursue their under graduation in the United States. You will need to do your best in the SAT examination in order to have an edge over other applicants. We share the five best tips for your preparation and in no time you will be able to boost your score in the SAT exam.

1. Become Adept At Mental Math
SAT Math has two sections and you will be allowed to use calculator in only one of the sections. You need to rely on your brain to calculate the results in the other section. Practicing mental maths, can help you score higher and save time on your math problems. Taking the option to learn Vedic math’s can also be a lot of help in doing well in this section.

2. Hone Your Vocabulary and Grammar Skills
When you are preparing for SAT, apart from studying the SAT syllabus, you should also read a lot of books that are out of your syllabus. You should read a lot of material from different genres from both fiction and nonfiction. You should also spend time on brushing up your high school grammar skills to improve your verbal score

3. Rely On Good Syllabus
When you prepare for SAT, you’ll have the option of many different sources of study material. However, you should only rely on the latest material if you want to score high. At GT Prep the syllabus is designed every year and is based on comprehensive research into the previous year’s papers.

4. Take Lots of Mock Tests
You will have to practice with a number of mock examinations that can simulate to a large extent the exact conditions of exam day. Mark off the time in your calendar, set an alarm and ask your family not to disturb you when you are taking your test. Even better, join SAT Coaching classes where you will be given a number of mock tests to practice on in exam like conditions.

5. Prepare At a Steady Pace
It is always better to prepare at a steady pace for the SAT exam, rather than cram for the exam at the last minute. Make sure that you prepare at least for an hour or half an hour everyday and revise as you go along.

6. Pay Attention to Your Weak Areas
Every student has weak areas and strong areas in your SAT exam preparation. It is therefore important to concentrate on the areas where you are weak. You will need to keep practicing the concepts of your weak areas to strengthen them and give your best for the SAT exam.

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