Tips to Crack Data Interpretation Questions in GRE Exam

GRE Exam Preparation

The Quant section carries questions on data interpretation with a significant weightage in the final score. It is therefore very important that students perform well in this section and understand the type of questions and tips for cracking this section. The data interpretation questions in the quant section of GRE come in various forms such as tables, graphs, passages and others. You will need to know the different ways in which you can interpret data in order to score well in your GRE exam.

Tips to Score in GRE Data Interpretation

1. Read the Entire Passage before Attempting the Question

While, in the case of reading comprehension for verbal, we recommend you look at the questions first, to save time, in the case of data interpretation we recommend the opposite to students. It is best to read the entire passage first and then attempt the questions so that you do not miss any relevant details.

2. Go through Charts, Tables and Graphs Painstakingly

You should make sure that you know exactly what information is being relayed in the chart, graph or table. You will need to carefully examine the title of the chart as well as the what is being represented by the x- and y-axes and only then should you attempt to analyze the information provided.

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3. Take Notes and Do the Math

You should make sure never to attempt a data interpretation question without noting down the actual figures. Though it might take a few more minutes to solve the question, you will have a much better chance to answer correctly if you do the math on paper.

4. Look for Patterns in the Question

Sometimes questions could have hidden patterns of figures and numbers, which would help you to solve the problems more easily. You should be able to look out for and identify patterns in the questions which can help you to quickly interpret the question at hand.

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