Jun 08 2023

PTE Repeat Sentence: 5 Tips to Answer Correctly

Introduction If there is one thing that PTE candidates are always worried about, it is the writing section of the exam. A lot of students think that they won’t be able to write well on this section because they have never written an essay before or maybe it has been a while since they wrote

Jun 05 2023

PTE Describe Image: Templates, Samples & Tips

The PTE Describe Image section is one of the easiest parts of the PTE test to prepare for, but it can be quite challenging if you don’t know what you’re doing! If you’re looking for tips and practice templates on how to approach this question type, look no further. Here are some tips and templates

May 24 2023

PTE Read Aloud: Tips & Tricks to Boost your score

Introduction The PTE Read Aloud section is one of the most challenging on the test, and yet it is also one of the easiest to master. All you need are some solid tips and tricks to get your read-aloud skills up to scratch. Read this article and learn how to ace this section in just

May 04 2023

3 Secrets You Must know before taking PTE Test

Introduction                            A PTE test is an exam that will assess your proficiency in English. It is also known as the Test of English for International Communication and it is used to measure your command over the language. This test is conducted by Cambridge Assessment and it can be taken in more than 130 countries all

Avoid these common mistakes in PTE Academic
Sep 14 2021

9 Common Mistakes in PTE and How To Avoid Them?

Making mistakes is ok while practicing for the PTE test. But ignoring them is not. Learning from the mistakes is the secret of many PTE test taker’s success. Along with that, know the mistakes of others too. It gives you a broader view of places where a wrong answer is possible. So, here is the