SAT Reading: How to Answer Command of Evidence Questions

SAT Reading Command of Evidence Questions

Is Command of Evidence-based questions are becoming a stumper in SAT Reading test? Here are the 5 strategies to answer the Command of Evidence questions in SAT Reading.

Command of Evidence-based questions can be observed in both SAT Reading and SAT Writing sections. Even while answering the listening section, you may need to consider the command of evidence.

What is the Command of Evidence Question Means?

SAT test makers who are the authors of the passages have a point of view while writing an argument, which needs a strong reason to support it. It can be any kind of information, ideas, facts, details, dates, or characterizations. These pieces of evidence can make your argument stronger. Now the task given in the SAT reading test is to find the strongest evidence that supports the argument.

Having good knowledge on how to answer command of evidence questions can improve your SAT Reading score radically.

Types of Command of Evidence Questions in SAT Reading:

1. Find the introductory evidence:

The introductory evidence questions are one common type in Command of Evidence questions. One needs to find relevant evidence, which supports the introduction of the argument.

2. Determine how the mirror data of Graphics to be presented in the passage:

This type of question asks you to find the best possible way of representing the graphical data in a passage. So understanding the data in graphs is important for these types of questions.

3. Find the possible additions to the argument:

These question types ask for any additional information required to add to the argument. When compared to the other type of Command of Evidence questions, these are a little tough as they are not just saying yes or no to the choices.
Before choosing the best possible addition make sure, you have a reason for that argument. Based on the author’s argument, take your judgment call for the best supporting point.

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How to Determine the Best Evidence?

The best method of determining the evidence is using the elimination rule. While checking the multiple choices given to the question, eliminate the answers, which are not related to the argument. Now on the next level of elimination, check for the words like less, more, often, high, low, etc. These simple words can change the entire meaning of a sentence.

How to Answer Command of Evidence Questions?

We are proposing the 5 best strategies in answering command of evidence questions in SAT reading section.

1. Predict it

Prediction is one bet strategy while conflicting with evidence-based questions. While the authors are pointing at an argument, try to guess the reasons before checking the choices. This will help you in the elimination process as well. Include this during the SAT preparation as this kind of guessing needs practice. This is will be one of the best tips to prepare for SAT.

Command on evidence questions tests your thought process. Because when you see similar kinds of answers, it is common that candidates can confuse and forget their point. So to avoid such mistakes, try to have an idea in mind before checking choices.

2. Underline the keywords

While reading the passage, make sure you are focusing on the necessary shreds of evidence. For that keep underlining the points you feel can act as evidence, so that while answering the questions, judgment can become easy.

3. Check the synonyms

Finding the claims for the supporting argument needs to be checked from all directions. So while checking the possible claims make sure you are checking synonyms as well. This helps in finding the connection between the support and claims. Make sure you are perfect with SAT grammar rules.

4. Read all answers carefully

Command on Evidence questions is pro at confusing answers. Because they have all similar answers with minimal changes. So make sure you are checking all the options carefully. Think methodologically while taking the final decision of evidence for the argument in order to avoid any risk of losing a mark.

5. Understand the graphical content

Command on evidence questions generally asked with graphical content like graphs, pie charts, etc. Make sure you understand the data clearly. Quick judgments cannot be helpful in SAT Reading for a good SAT score.

Hope these tactics help you in answering the Command of Evidence questions easily which can easily boost your SAT Reading Score. For more customized guidance, take the help of SAT coaching institutes.