Common Mistakes Made By GMAT Test Takers

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The GMAT exam can very often be very difficult for first time test takers. While the aim of the test itself is extremely simple, i.e. to obtain a score that is large enough to merit a place in the best Business Schools. However achieving that aim is not easy and many hours of dedicated and strategic GMAT preparation is required to perform well above average in the test. Many students who attempt the test make a number of mistakes when it comes to test preparation. We take a look at the common mistakes made by the test-takers and how to avoid them.

Common Mistakes during GMAT Preparation

1. Not Dedicating Enough Time for the Test

The GMAT exam is a highly competitive test and will require at least 600 hours of total dedicated study on your part in order to succeed. Students who attempt the GMAT are generally extremely busy with their studies and work and cannot spend too much time each day preparing for the test. In order to counter this you should aim to start your preparation in earnest, at least six months before the date of the test.

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2. Trying To DIY

The DIY approach may work for a few Pinterest projects, but in the case of writing a highly competitive exam like the GMAT it is best to find a mentor or a coach. Your mentor could be a teacher who knows the ins and outs of the GMAT exam or a personal friend who has successfully written the exam in the past. Having a coach will help you save lots of time in trying to decide what to study and when to study. Many coaching classes have a pre-set itinerary for learning based on their past research and you can take advantage of it by joining the classes. Moreover by signing up for GMAT coaching classes you also get the benefit of the teacher’s expertise as well as peer support.

3. Concentrating Too Much On One Section

We all understand that its human psychology to try to improve on one’s weak areas, however spending too much time on one section or a single topic can be detrimental to your overall score. If you find that are not improving in a particular area in spite of repeated efforts on your part, it is probably best that you skip that section and move on to another one. After some time you can come back to the section with a fresh mind.

4. Paying Too Much Attention to the Naysayers

There will always be people who tell you that the GMAT cannot be cracked in the first attempt, or people who tell you that coaching classes are not worth their money. You should not pay heed to these kinds of people, and just concentrate on your own work. Dedicated periods of study each day under the expert guidance of an experienced faculty has been empirically proven to improve scores in the GMAT exam

5. Not Putting Enough Effort

In spite of all the pep talk you get, and motivation you feel when you sign up for the GMAT test, it is your consistent and dedicated effort that will score marks in the exam. It is not just enough to feel motivated for a week or two. You should be studying for at least five hours a week on an average. You should also make sure that you are practicing the right kind of questions, which is where a good coaching class can really help you.

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