5 Key Differences Between PTE Academic and PTE General

PTE Academic vs PTE General

Are you also one of those who get confused between PTE Academic and PTE General? Well, you are at the right spot. Here you can get all the information you need to know about PTE Exam.

Aspirants, who are non-native English speakers and with a dream to study or settle abroad, choose to write the PTE – Pearson Test of English. This PTE is a universally accepted computer-based test, which will assess the ability of speaking, reading, writing, and listening of an applicant. It has two categories.

1. PTE Academic
2. PTE General

What is PTE Academic?

PTE Academic is a more opting exam as it is for students who want to study abroad. This test is accepted in countries like Canada, the USA, Australia, New Zealand, etc. It is a computer-based test which is one of the reasons for PTE Academic popularity.

What is PTE General?

PTE General is less often when compared to PTE Academic. This test is taken by the aspirants who want to travel abroad for a job or settlement. But the point to remember here is, the global universities will accept only the PTE Academic score of the students who want to study there.

What are the Key Differences Between PTE General and PTE Academic?

1. Exam Format

PTE Academic exam format has four sub-sections – speaking, reading, writing, and listening. And it is a computer-based test. A microphone will also be provided through which listening and speaking tests will be evaluated.

PTE General Exam format will be completely different from PTE Academic. PTE General is a paper-based test. And it has only two sections, an interview, and a written paper. The written test will have reading and listening sections again. There will six levels for GRE General which can be picked by the candidate’s English language abilities.

2. Exam Slots Availability

PTE Academic test slots will be available around the year. Also, many centers will be available to take the test. The PTE Academic test date can be chosen based on the student’s availability. This is one of the advantages of taking the PTE Academic test.

PTE General Test slots will be available thrice a year. It will not be conducted as regularly as PTE Academic. This means the candidates must book their test in advance and prepare for the PTE test.

3. Visa Acceptance

PTE General Test is accepted by some education ministries, employers, and higher education institutions. But PTE Academic can be accepted by thousands of universities. Also, the PTE Academic score can be accepted for Australia PR as well. Recently, Oxford University also accepted PTE Academic as one of the approved English proficiency tests.

4. PTE Test Duration

PTE Academic test duration is 3 hours. It is a one-level test. So at a time, all the four sections test will be completed in 3 hours.

PTE General Test duration depends on the level of test chosen by the candidate. The minimum test time will be 90 minutes and the maximum is 3 hours.

5. PTE Score Validity

PTE Academic test score will be valid for 2 years. In these 2 years, if the results are not used for any university admission, the score will be expired and if required the candidate must re-take the test. So, it is better to plan the travel before taking the test.

PTE General Test score is valid forever. Unlike PTE Academic, once the candidate gets qualified in PTE general test, that’s it. No need to re-take the test. This score will be valid for a lifetime.

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How to register for PTE Test?

PTE Academic test can be registered online through the official website of Pearson
PTE General Test can also be registered online but through Edexcel Online System

How to Prepare for the PTE Test?

As both PTE Academic and PTE General have reading, writing, speaking, and listening tests, here are some quick tips to prepare for both tests section-wise, and check here for some essential tips to follow before PTE Exam.

PTE Reading Section – Keeping the time limit in mind, practice quick reading. Skimming can be helpful with lengthy passages. Highlight the keywords while reading

PTE Writing Section – Follow your template structure. But make sure the points are straight enough. Lengthy and wordy sentences will not be attractive.

PTE Listening Section – Habituate to listening to English in daily life through watching movies, sitcoms, news, documentaries, etc. This way, listening to a speech for 30 minutes will not be a tough thing during the exam.

PTE Speaking Section – Schedule the speaking practice every day for a particular time. Because speaking is the only part, where once a mistake is done cannot be rectified.

Now the complete information is in your hand, choose your test and prepare for it. For one on one or classroom training, connect for our top PTE coaching sessions.