Duolingo English Test Missing Letters Practice: Step-Wise Guide to Answer


Duolingo is a great way to learn a new language. It lets you pick your language, and then it gives you the opportunity to learn the language through games and quizzes. The most popular game on Duolingo is Fill in the Missing Letters. This game has been played by millions of people all over the world, which means that there are plenty of tips and tricks that you can use to improve your score on this test!

What is Duolingo English Exam?

Duolingo English exam is a language test for non-native speakers. It has been designed to test your ability to understand and speak English at an intermediate level (B1). You can take the exam from anywhere in the world, but you need to have completed at least 30 lessons on Duolingo before taking it.

How often should I take this test?

You should take this test every 6 months if you want to keep track of your progress in learning English as a second language. However, if your goal is not just passing an intermediate level B1 exam but also improving yourself as a speaker/writer then taking more frequent tests would be beneficial for you.

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Syllabus of the Duolingo English exam

• The first section is Reading and Writing. This section tests your ability to read a passage, then answer questions about it. You’ll also be asked to write short sentences based on what you read in the passage.
• The second section is Listening, which tests your ability to understand spoken English at different speeds or accents (or both).
• The third section is Speaking, where you’ll have an opportunity to speak with a native speaker over video chat for about 10 minutes about something that interests you both; this conversation will be recorded so that Duolingo can assess how well-spoken and clear-speaking you are as well as whether there are any problems with grammar or pronunciation!

Preparation tips for the Duolingo exam

• Read the syllabus carefully.
• Make a study plan.
• Practice with sample questions, mock tests, and real tests.
• Read instructions carefully.
• Don’t spend too much time on one question if you’re running out of time in an exam–it’s better to move on than get stuck on something difficult!
• If possible, use a timer so that you can keep track of how long each one takes; then set aside some additional practice time for those areas where it takes longer than usual for you to finish an exercise or section (for example: if there’s something challenging about verb conjugations).
• You can also practice for the Duolingo exam by breaking up large tasks into smaller chunks by breaking down each question into steps: first look at what’s missing from this word; then think about the possible answers based on context clues; finally find out whether any part of speech fits both meanings better than another candidate word choice would have done so far.

Tips to Answer Duolingo Missing Letters

Step 1: To answer Fill in the Missing Letters Duolingo English Test is practicing with the correct answers. You can practice with all types of questions, but it’s important to know what they’re asking you in order to answer accurately.
Step 2: is practicing with incorrect answers as well. This will help you understand what mistakes people make when they take this test, so when you do see an answer that’s wrong on a real test, you’ll be able to identify it quickly!
Step 3: we recommend doing before taking your test is practicing with all three types of questions at once: those where one letter is missing (like “I don’t think ), those where two letters are missing (like “I’m going ) and those where three letters are missing (like “This ). This way there won’t be any surprises when taking your actual exam!
Step 4: we recommend doing is practicing with all three types of questions with a timer. This will help you learn how to answer quickly without making any mistakes, which is very important when it comes to taking tests like this one!

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Step 5: is to take the practice test and score as high as possible.
Step 6: is to look over the answers and see what you got right and wrong. You can then use this information to study more effectively in the future!
If you’re looking for a way to increase your intelligence, the best thing you can do is practice taking IQ tests like this one. This will help you learn new information, as well as understand how others think!

Duolingo Missing letters Practice Questions with answers

Here are some example questions for Duolingo English missing letters session

  • The man ____ the woman for her advice.

A: asked B: asked C: asking D: asks

  • A dog ____ to go outside and play, but his owner told him no!

A: run B: runs C: ran D: running

  • I have never seen such a beautiful sunset in my life! It was amazing! _____?

A: How beautiful was the sunset? B: What a beautiful sunset! C: The sunset in a beautiful way. D: It was one of the most amazing sunsets I have ever seen.

  • You should _____ on time for work tomorrow or else you will be late again!

A: go B: going C: gone D: gone

How to practice missing letters for the Duolingo test?

You can practice missing letters in Duolingo, but it’s not the same as taking an exam or quiz. You should also practice answering questions on paper (or screen). Here are some tips:
• Take a few minutes before you start to think about how you’re going to answer each question as quickly and accurately as possible. If there are multiple ways of writing an answer, think about which one will work best for you so that your time isn’t wasted trying out different options only to realize later on that they were wrong!
• Look at each word carefully and write down any ideas or words that come into your mind while looking at it (e.g., “this looks like…”). This way when it comes time for filling in those pesky missing letters, all those little bits of info will help guide us along our way!


The Duolingo missing letters test is a great way to check your English skills and prepare for the exam. It tests your ability to read and understand text, as well as your vocabulary and grammar skills. Plan to join Duolingo training classes for extensive preparation. You can take this test on the computer or mobile app, which makes it convenient for anyone who wants to practice their English anywhere at any time!