7 Tips to Master GRE Issue Essay


GRE writing score aids in the overall performance of the test. A good GRE score can be achieved only by excelling in all three sections; verbal, quantitative, and writing. Scoring in the quantitative or analytical sections of GRE is tough and most of the candidates focus only on these sections. And they spent comparatively less time writing. But GRE Analytical writing is one scoring part with proper practice. In the Analytical writing part of GRE, the Issue essay is a challenging question.

Here in this blog, we came up with 7 simple tips to master GRE Issue Essay.

1. Pick a Side & Stick to It:

The GRE Issue essay is a 30-minute task, where a real-life scenario with 2 debating points will be given and asked to write an essay on that. The question will be asked as follows.

Example:The ability of humans to think for themselves will inevitably decline as people rely more and more on technology to solve problems.”

[Discuss how much you agree or disagree with the statement, and why. Consider how the assertion might or might not be true, and explain how these considerations affect your position when creating and defending your argument.]

GRE Issue essay needs to be answered by choosing a side and explaining why that point is right. By choosing only one side and defending it with several examples can show confidence. Choosing either side of the middle road is not a scoring strategy. So stick to the picked side and express why it is right. Moreover, the GRE exam pattern tests how the candidate defends their point rather than which point.

2. No Hypothetical Examples

Examples are quite important to make your writing confident and fact full. But it will not add any point if hypothetical examples are used to prove the point is true. End of the day, hypothetical questions always be like “What, if?” which in turn gives a chance for “what if not”. Make sure to use real-life scenarios or situations as examples.

3. Relevancy is Needed

Real-life examples are needed and at the same time relevancy is also mandatory. We cannot talk about food or beverages while talking about Hitler. The examples can be taken from any category. Only thing is, the adjective we use to compare must match both the things.

4. Avoid “I”

Avoiding the first person is one of the best GRE analytical writing tips. As it is not a place for self opinions, one needs to prove that the point they picked is right. So there should not be any “I think”, or “In my opinion” in the introduction and conclusion of the essay.

5. Only Straight Forward Points

GRE evaluator’s team will have both humans and robots. Using sophisticated words and more idioms can confuse both of them. Just like we give straightforward instruction to a robot, maintain the same tone for the GRE issue essay. Keep it straight and easily understandable.

6. Acknowledge the Opposite Point

Focusing on one point and defending it is okay, but, at the same time acknowledge the other point also to get that balanced look for the essay. Just keep it short for 2-3 lines and explain why that point feels right but not a valid one.

A better essay or a 6 mark scoring essay should have a unique and engaging template. Creating your template or your style of writing can always be an added advantage. GRE tests how well you present than what you present. Make sure the strategy used to write the essay doesn’t become a flop show. It is better to take GRE coaching classes from experts for better guidance.

7. Practice Minimum 3 Mock Tests

Practice is like adding salt to the dish. Just like without salt, the dish is useless without practice, these tips will not be helpful. So always plan the practice time perfectly for the best GRE analytical writing score.

GRE writing tasks are purely based on time management, which needs a lot of practice. Even for writers, getting the idea, format, and well-written essay in 30 minutes is challenging. It is better to spare enough time to practice with time limits. For better guidance, check our GRE coaching sessions by our experts.