7 Effective Tips to Improve Your PTE Speaking Score

pte speaking tips

Are you facing a tough time with the PTE speaking test? Are you the one who feels like, I can read, write and listen to English but when it comes to speaking, it’s not my cup of tea? Here in this article, we have gathered 7 effective tips to improve your PTE speaking score.
PTE an unbiased language proficiency test that tests a person’s ability to read, write, listen and speak. When it comes to the speaking section, you will be having 30-35 minutes in which your fluency, vocabulary, pronunciation will be scored.

What are the types of PTE Speaking questions?

The PTE speaking has a unique pattern of testing one’s communication skills. The types of questions you will see in PTE speaking are Read aloud, Repeat Sentence, Describe image, Re-tell lecture, answer a short question.

Now, let us see how one can improve the PTE reading score with 7 effective tips with all types of questions taken to consideration.

1. Speaking Practice

Practicing English speaking is an effective way to boost your PTE score. How to practice English speaking? Simple, you can either have a companion to practice daily or try to talk everything in English. Ask the people around you to respond in English.
One more tip here is, try to think in English. Because most of the time the native language influence will be more on our language while we are speaking in English. This is quite common in non-native English speakers. So start to think in English.

2. Practice with a clock

Time is another major constraint when it comes to the PTE test. Always make sure you are finishing your answer within the time and record while you are talking. After test completion listens to it and evaluates yourself.
Practicing with the clock helps in evaluating where you are taking more time to answer. Remember that if you do not speak for 3 seconds the microphone will automatically be turned off and your answer will not be considered even you speak later. There will not be a second chance in PTE speaking exam.

3. Make a note of it

Vocabulary is one of the toughest things to develop on this planet. Therefore, it is not a strange thing that you do not know many words. No one knows all the words. So let us see how to improve Vocabulary?
Whenever you come across a new word, make a note of it and, try to use it in a sentence. Try to make a funny sentence or a joke out of it, then tell it to a couple of your friends, this way you will remember that word. Include that word in daily life sentences for better practice.

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4. Practice listening first

Even before starting to speak, listen. This way you can understand pronunciations and pauses. Try to make it a habit to listen every day. You can start with English podcasts, News, documentaries. Or even you can go with films, sitcoms which can be less boring. This way, even your thought language will be changed to English.

5. Be clear with your thoughts

Particularly in the section, Answer a short question, in the limited time, you should make up your mind, prepare an answer, and even plan the order. It does not make sense when you tell the conclusion first, then the reason and introduction at the last. Therefore, you should organize your thoughts and prepare your speech.

A lot of mock tests are available on the internet to practice PTE speaking. Try to answer short questions with the clock.

6. Go with the flow

You should practice in such a way that, your speech should be natural and going with the flow. That kind of confident speech is quite attractive than one with lagging. The thought process can again improve your content flow.

7. Never miss those pauses

Comma and full stop are two different kinds of pauses. The comma is a small pause whereas a full stop is a long pause. Keeping this in mind one should attempt the repeat sentence and re-tell the lecture. Because punctuations will be tested in these sections.

Hope these tips help you in reaching a good PTE score. For any guidance, it is better to opt for a PTE training institute where you can get expert tips.