How to Ace SAT Writing Section: 7 Essential Tips

essential sat writing tips

Are you struggling with your SAT writing score? Are you facing issues with not raising your SAT score bar? Here are some essential tips for acing SAT writing section.

SAT Writing & Language section tests your ability to use the language and grammatical knowledge. This section has 44 multiple-choice questions, which need to be completed in 35 minutes. That means you need to finish each question in less than a minute. War and exam both are similar. Both need practice, dedication, and a strategy. As practice and dedication are in your hands, let us plan your strategy to success.

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One of the best strategies in attempting SAT writing section is knowing what exactly SAT concentrates on. In SAT Writing, you need to be an editor. That means you need to find the correct sentences based on grammar, punctuations, words, etc. As one needs to finish each question in roughly 40 seconds, you should know some essential tips that will save your time instead of brainstorming.

7 Essential Tips to Ace SAT Writing Section:

1. Master the Basic Grammar Rules

One of the most important points of your strategy for a good SAT score is going with grammar rules. How to master Grammar rules? While practicing old questions or old practice papers, make sure you find the reasons for why a particular answer is correct and why a particular answer is wrong. This way you can master all kinds of grammar rules.

Here are some important sections you need to cover in grammar:
• Sentence Structure
• Punctuation
• Subject-verb Agreement
• Possessives
• Conventional Expression

The less known fact in SAT Writing test is 80% of questions will be based on grammatical errors. So make sure you are good at finding grammatical errors.

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2. Be a Time Manager

As there is very little time to answer each question, planning the time is key for a good SAT score. Make sure you are not spending more than 30 seconds on each question. This way you can save some time for a quick check at the last.

As a part of time management in SAT test, here is our time management strategy. You can expect 4 passages with 400-450 word length with 44 questions. So spend 7-8 minutes for each passage to complete reading and answering. This way you will be remained with 3-5 minutes at last for verification.

3. Get Familiar with SAT Writing Questions

Attempting any exam without any knowledge of questioning pattern is a foolish act. As understanding pattern consumes so much time, it is better to take some SAT practice tests before the exam day. Make sure you are attempting those tests along with the time limit.

4. Understand the Question & Answer Relationship

This is one of the best tips to score high on SAT test. Question and answer will be related in four different ways; they are supporting ideas, Opposing Ideas, Cause-Effect, and Sequence. So based on these relations, you can select which answer is correctly related to the question.

5. Work on Your Weakness

As mentioned above, make sure to practice more sample test papers daily. Every time you finish a test, evaluate yourself and find your weak points. Working on your weak points is one way of achieving a good SAT writing score.

6. Use Elimination Procedure

You can use the elimination procedure to find the correct answer, which is the quickest way of finding the correct answer. This trick can be used when you feel like all the answers seem alike. So, start eliminating the wrong answers until you will remain with one answer.

7. Stay Cautious with Punctuations

Punctuations are the trickiest part of grammar. One should know which punctuation should be used where. For example, there is a different use of Commas, Semicolons, Colons, Dashes, etc. Each symbol needs to be used at different places

There will not be any shortest route for success. Even it is the longest road; it will lead you in the correct direction. So, always remember to practice more for a better SAT score. If you do not feel confident about your preparation, you can always opt for SAT training sessions.