9 Expert Tips to Master the TOEFL Writing Section

expert tips to master toefl writing section

Do you have doubts about your writing skills for the TOEFL test? Are you feeling like an amateur? This blog will make you a pro in writing for the TOEFL writing section.

The writing section is the final part of the TOEFL exam, which makes 25% of your entire TOEFL score. Those 50 minutes can be a game-changer of your future. Listening, reading, and writing an essay seems to be simple task. However, in reality, that can be exhausting to deal with. That is exactly why we are here to help you out through our intensive training for TOEFL exam with expert guidance.

Before going to TOEFL writing tips, let us see what types of essays you are going to face.

• Integrated Writing
• Independent Writing

Integrated Writing

In the TOEFL test, integrated writing is the first task in the writing section where an audio clip and a passage will be given. By listening to the audio clip and reading that passage, you need to build the link between the both and write an essay in your own words in 20 minutes. Understand both the arguments and grab the key points to create an essay supporting your opinion.

Independent Writing

The second task, which is of 30 minutes duration, comprises an opinion-based question. You need to read the question and write your opinion in 300 words. The key point here is, you should have solid points supporting your argument.

Now, you understood both tasks. Let us see how to write them so that they will aid your TOEFL score. Check out our 9 expert tips to master the TOEFL writing section.

1. Plan before you start

Before you start writing the essay, plan the presentation. An introduction, body, and conclusion are necessary while presenting an essay. Merge the key points and prepare a mental draft.

2. What you understand is important

The integrated writing section in the TOEFL test is not about what you write. It tests how well you can understand through audio clips and passages given. Moreover, the way you build the link between two conversations will be evaluated.

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3. It’s not about your opinion now

In integrated writing, even though you have a different opinion, you need to write as per the discussions in audio and essay. In Independent writing, you are free to express your opinion on the topic asked.

4. Create your style

While presenting your opinion, never go with the same words and same phrases used in the question. Create your style of presentation in your own words. Never forget to check for grammatical mistakes. Even a small mistake counts.

5. Refer back to the passage

Writing the integrated essay with referring to passage simultaneously is a good practice. In this way, you will not miss any key points.

6. Have some time to proofread

Design your writing time so that you will have some standby time to proofread. Crosscheck all the spellings and grammar you use. In such a manner, you will not miss any simple mistakes that can lower your TOEFL writing score.

7. Prepare your notes

While writing an integrated essay, you may or may not be able to listen to the audio once again. Therefore, it is always better to prepare quick notes of the audio clip while listening.

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8. Never go long

Writing long will not work all the time. The maximum word limit for the integrated writing section is 300 and 400-500 for independent writing. Make it short and crisp. Better to write a straightforward answer than elaborating everything.

9. Practice TOEFL writing tests

When you learning to drive, you should not start driving straight on the highway. In the same way, when you are preparing for the TOEFL test, you should never plan to attempt directly at the exam. More practice will help in planning a strategy for TOEFL writing.

Hope these tips on how to write both the essays in the writing section of TOEFL help you to ace your score.