Get into the College Mindset with Your SAT Preparation

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Many high school students from India aspire to study in USA and other highly ranked countries of learning for their under graduate high programs, and prepare seriously to give their SAT exam. The students spend a lot of time in preparing for the SAT either through self-study or by joining coaching classes.

However many of the students though they perform well in the SAT is not exactly prepared for college life, especially when they move so far away from home. The students are liable to experience the effects of homesickness and culture shock when they find themselves in their new campus. So how can you use your SAT preparation to help you mentally prepare for college life?

SAT Preparation as a Precursor to College Life

In a way your preparation for the SAT will in itself serve as a taste of what college life will be like. If you keep the following points in mind

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1. SAT Preparation Teaches You to Think Independently

One of the things you will notice when you go through the problem sets in your SAT practice papers is that there is very often no direct answer that you can cram and reproduce blindly. You will need to think for yourself and solve the problem by your own unique means. For students who have been used to the Indian way of rote learning this can be an important introduction to the American way of learning

2. You Will Learn To Improve Your English Communication Skills

All the hours of preparation you put into the SAT verbal section, will come into good use when you are in campus, if and we mean it, only if you took the trouble to take a thorough grounding in the subject. If you just skimmed through the material or crammed at the last minute in order to achieve your target score, then it will not be of any help. We advice you to take your SAT practice seriously as you will be using these skills in the real world on campus

3. SAT Preparation Will Teach You to Be Disciplined

College is a wonderful place, where students enjoy a lot more freedom, than they did when they were in school. This is even more true, when you are at a college that is thousands of miles away from home. You can spend your time in various social activities at the cost of your studies. In such a scenario a disciplined approach to studies is what is required. Steady and consistent preparation that is required for getting a good score on SAT can also have the added benefit of inculcating in you the discipline that is required for success in college

4. Time Management Skills Can Be Acquired Through SAT Exam Preparation

Apart from all the above skills, preparation for the exam can also impart much needed time management skills. You will need to keep an eye on the clock as well as the calendar when you are preparing for this all important exam. This skill will stand you in good stead when you go to college as it will help you balance your study time and your recreation time perfectly

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