A Comparison of Verbal Sections in GMAT Test and GRE Test

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If you are a student planning to study abroad in USA, for an MBA, then you would need to decide whether you want to take the GRE or the GMAT. Until recently, only the GMAT was accepted for admission to MBA programs. However, today, many business schools are also accepting the GRE. Before deciding which one to take, it is important to know the difference between the two. Both the tests have quantitative and verbal sections, though there are a few differences between the way in which, the knowledge of the student is tested in the sections. In this post we will be taking a look at the difference in the verbal sections of the two tests.

Comparison between Verbal Sections of GRE Test and GMAT Test

GMAT: Both GMAT and GRE have reading comprehension as the main portion of their verbal section. In the GMAT, the questions in reading comprehension include factual, or based on facts as well as inference type of questions, or those which can be inferred by the students. The passages for reading comprehension, typically do not go beyond 350 words. Generally there are about 2 to 4 questions that follow the passage. You can expect, about 4 to 5 passages to appear in the GMAT. A total number of 12 to 14 questions out of the 36 questions in the verbal section would be based on reading comprehension. All the questions will be multiple choice questions, and you will have 5 options to choose from, with only one having the correct answer

The GMAT will also have two more segments, which would be critical reasoning and sentence correction. The main thing that is tested in sentence correction questions is your grip on grammatical rules. If you are weak in grammar then it is advised that you brush up on the rules and practice a lot of questions to gain the confidence for the test.  The critical reasoning part of the GMAT test will focus on how good you are presenting your point of view in an argument. You will be asked to Strengthen or weaken an argument. You will need to practice a lot of similar questions in order to score in this section.

GRE: In the GRE test you can expect to get around 10 passages for the reading comprehension section. Most of the passages will be not more than one paragraph. You may however get a few passages that are longer than one paragraph. Nearly fifty percent of the questions in the GRE verbal section would be based on reading and comprehending these passages. The type of questions would include multiple choice questions, in which only one of the options would be correct. There will also be other type of questions, such as select a sentence from the passage, or highlight a sentence in the passage.

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In the GRE you would also encounter questions related to sentence equivalence and text completion. Both of these questions would test your vocabulary and the ability to use the right words at the right place. You will need to brush up on, not only a list of hard words, which you normally would not use, but also the appropriate place in which to use them.