How to Prepare For GMAT Quant Segment – 5 Easy and Useful Tips

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The quantitative segment of the GMAT can be a tricky section to navigate for many students. The format of the section is such that even students who have a strong grasp on their mathematical concepts find it difficult to answer the questions in this section. It is important to have the right strategy in order to successfully prepare for and complete the answers in the quant section of the GMAT test. Here we share with you 5 easy to implement tips for the same

Five Tips for GMAT Quant Prep

1. Learn Vedic Maths/Mental Maths
The most important part of the quant section is the calculations. If you get the calculations wrong, then no matter how good you were at understanding the problem, won’t help you to score the marks. What is important is that you are able to calculate the numbers within the shortest time. This is where a knowledge of Vedic maths or mental maths concepts can help you. By being able to make quick calculations in your head you save precious time by not having to punch each and every problem into your calculator and then writing down the results.

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2. Approach the Problem from Different Angles
Sometimes the problems given in the quant section can be tricky and cannot be understood easily. There will be many angles to the problem. In such a scenario it is best to approach the problem from various angles and use one’s analytical skills to understand what is required to be found and then work on getting a solution.

3. Be a Selective Reader
When word problems are given, do not waste precious time, reading through the entire problem passage. Look at the questions to see what is required to be found, determine the inputs you will need to plug in to find your answer and skim the passage for references to the inputs. This way you will save a lot of time while answering lengthy word problems.

4. Batch Your Preparation
Researchers have found that the human brain works most efficiently when it does not move very often between tasks. The take away from this for students who are preparing for GMAT Test and other competitive exams is that it is most efficient for you to prepare yourself on similar topics together. So, if you are preparing for quant, then try and complete your preparation for all Algebra related questions first before moving on to a new topic

5. Use A Study – Buddy
Psychologists and student researchers have found that many students find it useful to have a study- buddy to help them prepare effectively for competitive exams like the GMAT. What is a study-buddy? In this scenario, a study-buddy is not a real-life friend, but rather a small object or accessory that you would use whenever you sit down to prepare for the exam. It could be a hat or a scarf you put on, or a small object like a charm that you carry in your pocket. You should use the same object whenever you prepare and take it with you to the test center. It will give you a lot of positive confidence and also trigger your subconscious memory when you write the test. You can select any object that is convenient for you. Just make sure that it is not something that is likely to be banned at the test center

With these tips we hope you are able to score your best in the quant segment of the GMAT. For any further assistance and personalized training for your GMAT test, get in touch with us at GT Prep – India’s premier coaching center for all international entrance and gateway exams.