How to Mentally Prepare For Writing the GRE Exam

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The GRE exam is one of the most competitive examinations that are taken by students who aspire to study for their post-graduation in the USA and other countries. Moreover, for many students from India, this will probably be the very first competitive examination they will be attempting at an international level. The format of the exam will be quite different from the format that you have encountered in your school and college tests, and as a result, it goes without saying that, your method of preparation and mindset towards the test should be adjusted accordingly. While, there is no dearth of information regarding the syllabus and preparation tips for the various sections of the GRE general and GRE subject tests, it is also important to prepare yourself mentally for the test

Tips for GRE Test Preparation

1. Be Disciplined

Where school tests and college exams are concerned, if you are an average student, you probably found that you could while away your time at the beginning of the year and cover up the syllabus by studying for extra hours as the examination approached. However, for the GRE this trick is not going to work. The onus for the test is on regular and consistent practice over at least six months. It is all very well for you to start your studies six months before the test date, but to make yourself study every day, you will need to cultivate your mental discipline and will power. One effective way to do it is to get into the daily habit of meditation. You can start with 5 mins a day and gradually increase it to 15 min. meditation will not only help you acquire strength of mind but will also improve your powers of concentration and help you to retain what you have learned better.

2. Prepare To Think Out Of the Box

The education system in most Indian boards is such that, students are not encouraged to think for themselves. The students are presented with a set of facts that they are expected to memorize and reproduce in their tests. However, the GRE is designed to test your thinking skills. You may be faced with problems or questions which do not have an obvious answer. To answer these questions, you should be ready to stretch your imagination and think out of the box. This skill is something that you should start practicing long before your GRE test date. You cannot expect to get it suddenly when you are sitting at the test center.

3. Improve Your Self-Confidence

For a person who is self-confident, the whole world is at his command, is an old saying, and this true in case of the GRE exam as well. You will need to cultivate your self confidence for a variety of reasons. For the verbal section, your self confidence will help you to speak in English to people around you and improve your vocabulary, and for the quant section your confidence will help you to practice more questions during the revision and attempt more questions during the test

4. Learn To Think Analytically

Some people are more logical and analytical in their thinking than others, while some people are more creative. However, for the GRE test preparation, most of the sections require you to be analytical. If you are not analytical then there is no cause to worry, as this is a skill that you can acquire with practice. You should make it a point to solve as many logical or visual puzzles as possible during your free time

5. Be Resilient

Last but not the least, learn to be resilient. Many students do not get the desired GRE score the very first attempt, and if you are one of them, then you need to take it in your stride and prepare for the next attempt. If you let it affect you and you become dejected, then it may take you some time to recover and it will affect your preparation for the second time. Hence resilience is essential for students who are attempting competitive tests like the GRE

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