How to Score 160+ in GRE Verbal Reasoning?

gre verbal reasoning tips

A common challenge for GRE test takers is achieving 160+ in the verbal reasoning section. Also, most of them complained that they can reach 150 but can’t make it to 160. If you are also facing the same issue, here are 5 brilliant tips to score 160+ in GRE Verbal Reasoning section.

Scoring 160 is not as easy as it sounds. A lot of practice and strategic moves along with time management together will help you reach your goal. GRE Verbal Reasoning section tests vocabulary skills and ability to analyze the sentences.

How to Prepare for GRE Verbal Reasoning Section?

The preparation for GRE Verbal Reasoning section should be planned based on your grammatical knowledge and skills in vocabulary. Write a practice test and assess yourself. Once you understand where you need to develop yourselves, you can practice those areas.

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What are the Question Types in GRE Verbal Reasoning Section?

GRE Verbal Reasoning section has 3 parts.

1. Text Completion: A passage will be given with blanks, which need to be filled with the appropriate words from the choices given.
2. Sentence Equivalence: In this question type, a Sentence will be given with two blanks. Candidates will be given six choices to fill those blanks.
3. Reading Comprehensions: A passage will be given, following by the questions from it. The candidates must read the passage and answer those questions.

Now you got an idea of what you can expect in the exam, let us see how to score 160+ in GRE Verbal Reasoning Section:

1. Choose What to Answer First

Quick question. Which one do you choose when you can solve a question in 30 seconds and the other in 3 minutes?
A thing to remember while answering the verbal reasoning section in the GRE test is no matter what the question type is all the questions have an equal score. So while answering, choose which question can be solved quickly. Time management should be considered as one of the best tips to prepare for the GRE test.

2. Tips for Reading Comprehension in GRE

The most time taking part of GRE Verbal reasoning is Reading Comprehension. As you need to read the whole passage and answer the questions. Here are your tips to re-write the history and finish the reading comprehensions quickly.
• Habituate to quick reading.
• Read the questions before reading the passage. But never run to answer them.
• Now read the passage completely and underline the keywords you see in the questions.
• Now go for the questions and check the keywords to find your answer.
• Limit your time to 2 minutes for short passages and 4 minutes for long passages.

3. Find the Hints

Skimming doesn’t work with the questions. You need to read them completely as most of the time, you will find your hint in the question itself. At the same time, they may confuse you. So find your clues carefully.

4. Say No to Skip

GRE has no negative marking and this is the biggest advantage for the GRE aspirants to score more in the GRE exam. So never skip the question. All the questions have equal weightage that is 1 mark. As there is no negative marking, even if you left some questions for the end and not sure what the answer is, you can guess it. Who knows? It can be a correct answer.

5. Don’t Repeat the Common Mistakes

Know the most common mistakes by your seniors and make sure you are not repeating them. Here are some common mistakes you can avoid to get a high score on the GRE test.

• Never start with tough questions. Finish the easy ones first.
• Have a watch and check the time so that you can plan the upcoming questions.
• Read the questions carefully. This is very important in GRE Verbal section.

6. BONUS: Improve your Vocabulary

Improving vocabulary can get you a good score in GRE and get into top Universities. Trust me, you can see a change in your score. Make use of flashcards or start reading the newspaper. Along with those, make use of those words in your daily life.

Just knowing tips will not help, practice is the main part. Numerous GRE practice tests are available online. Make use of them and practice regularly.
Hope these tips are helpful. For more guidance and expert tips, you can check GRE Coaching sessions.