How to Optimize Your Score in Essay Writing Task for IELTS Test

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The IELTS test essay writing section stumps many students as it is the most challenging part of the test. The essay writing task will require you to write an essay of approximately 250 words on a specific topic or in answer to a question that will be provided to you. You will have 40 minutes to answer the question.

What Comprises Essay Writing Task in IELTS Test

Students can be asked to write various types of essays in the IELTS test. These could include – Opinion based essays, argument based essays, pros and cons based essays, essays about problems and their solutions. You will need to identify which type of essay is being asked and write your essay accordingly. You will need to use your skills and experience while answering the essay question and pay attention to the following parameters

Coherence and Cohesiveness

The essay you write will be rated on the basis of how understandable or coherent it is and whether it written as a cohesive whole. You should make sure that the essay does not consist of too many disjointed sentences that make no sense when they are read together.

Understanding of task

The essay will also be rated on how well you understanding the task or question that has been set out for you.

Vocabulary usage

The use of a rich vocabulary in the appropriate places will be evaluated while rating your essay

Grammar usage

The usage of proper grammar and writing rules will be evaluated while your essay is rated

Each factor is assigned 25 percent of the total score for the essay section, and therefore it is important to take into account all of them when attempting your essay task for the IELTS test.

Tips for acing Essay writing section in IELTS test

You can maximize your score in the essay section of the IELTS test by following the tips given below

Understand the question

You will need to understand exactly what the question is asking you, in order to answer it correctly. If you do not do so, then chances are you will miss the point entirely. It is important to pay adequate attention to all of the issues that are mentioned in the question. First, you should take a good look at the question and then identify the type of the question

Make a rough outline of your ideas

Before you start with the actual essay writing, it would be beneficial if you take a few minutes at the beginning to brainstorm and jot down different ideas related to issue in the essay. This will help you to organize your thoughts and present them in a better manner.

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Improve your knowledge about current affairs and other topics

Get an idea of the topics that are most frequently asked in the IELTS essay writing task, and familiarize yourself with them so you feel comfortable with the topic on test day. Make it a daily habit to read newspapers and keep yourself in touch with political and economic developments around you

Don’t hesitate to give your personal opinion when required

It is extremely effective to provide your personal opinion, on topics that you feel you can weigh in on. You will need to provide supporting examples and anecdotes to support your opinion. You should make sure your opinion is fair and unbiased in this case.