How to Select the Right TOEFL Coaching Class


The TOEFL examination is one of the most important tests for any student who wishes to study abroad in an English-speaking country like USA. Your TOEFL scores can be a deciding factor in whether or not you gain entry to a university. It would definitely be helpful if your score is high or else, you will need to spend unnecessary amount of time and money in retaking the test multiple times. The right TOEFL coaching class can help you achieve your goal in the first take itself. We outline below the steps you can follow to ascertain which is the right coaching class for you

Steps to Determine Right TOEFL Coaching Class

1. Identify Your Studying Style

Before you look for a coaching class for TOEFL, it is important to identify your unique studying style. Do you prefer studying in a group or alone? Do you prefer studying at random hours of the day or do you like to sit down at a specific time every day? Do you prefer to study in the morning hours or at night? The answers to these questions can help you determine what kind of coaching class the best option for you is. If you prefer to study randomly or if you prefer to study alone, an online TOELF coaching class would suit you best. On the other hand, if your preferred mode of studying is in a group and you are committed to studying at the same hour every day, then a formal coaching class would be your best option.

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2. Check the Timing of the Coaching Class

You will need to check if the timings of the class suit you or not. If the classes are conducted at the morning hours and you are busy with your college or office at that time, then you may have to consider other options. Apart from this, if the classes are set up to be six months in duration and you plan to take the TOEFL in a month, then it may not suit you as well. You will need to determine the timing of the classes as well as the duration of the course to select an ideal TOEFL coaching class for you.

3. Consider the Cost-Benefit Factor

You may be willing to spend loads of money on the best coaching class for TOEFL, but it is also important to consider the cost- benefit ratio, when choosing a coaching class for TOEFL. You should take a look at all the options that are available to you and do a cost analysis to see whether you will be getting the full benefit of the money you are investing.

4.Solicit the Opinion of Past Students

The best way to know about the quality of a TOEFL coaching class is to ask past students about their experience. You can ask a student who has already attended the classes for his opinion, or you could also check out the reviews of the coaching class online, in order to form an opinion, which will help you make your decision

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