Choosing a Title IELTS Reading: Practice & Tips


Choosing the correct title in IELTS reading is an important part of doing well on this section of the test. You have to demonstrate your ability to understand what a text is about and then explain how that topic is relevant to you or other readers. It does not just about understand what it says; you also need to show that you can think critically about it.
So when picking a title for your response, make sure you choose something that will let your reader know why this topic matters to them too! In this article, we’ll cover everything from tips for choosing the right title in IELTS reading, the importance of choosing the right title in IELTS reading, and more!

How to choose the correct title in IELTS Reading?

What is a title and why is it important?

A title is an introductory phrase or sentence that tells you the main idea of your reading passage. It may also give you some clues about what you’ll read next, such as “The Reason Why” or “How Does This Happen?”

How do I choose the right one?

You should pick out something specific from each paragraph that relates back directly with one another so that everything makes sense together when put together under one umbrella topic heading such as “What Makes Me Happy.” If possible try avoiding using plurals here since they can make things confusing. Example: “My Favourite Foods” rather than something more general like “Favourites Foods”.

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3 Tips for Choosing a title in IELTS Reading

• Use the title to help you understand the text: The title is often a good clue as to what will be discussed in a passage. For example, if you see “What Is the Best Way to Make Money?” then that is a sign to you that there will be some discussion about making money and different ways of doing so.
• Use the title to help you understand the author’s purpose: Authors write with certain intentions in mind and these intentions are often reflected in their choice of topic or focus area for their writing piece. When reading an essay or article, knowing what an author wants readers (or listeners) to learn from reading/listening makes understanding easier because we can look out for clues in each paragraph that show how well they’ve achieved those goals!
• Use the title as an indicator of overall structure: Sometimes authors choose titles because they want readers (or listeners) not just to know about something but also to understand how all parts fit together; this means looking closely at each section header within each chapter; sometimes these headers tell us exactly what section we’re reading about before even opening up our books!”

Importance of choosing the right title in IELTS reading

Choosing the right title in the IELTS reading section is one of the most important steps in reading. A good title will help you understand the passage better and focus on its main idea. It will also help you read faster and more efficiently because it gives an idea about what kind of information is included in each paragraph or section of text.
In addition, choosing titles helps us answer all questions effectively because we only need to find information from one place instead of searching through different sections for answers.

How to analyze titles in IELTS Reading Task 1 and Task 2?

In IELTS Reading Task 1, you may be asked to write an essay that discusses a given title. In this case, your task is to analyze the title for the purpose of writing your essay. You should use the title to help you write an introduction and conclusion as well as a summary and thesis statement.
In order to do so effectively, it is important that you first understand what each part of a title means:
• The first word is usually capitalized (e.g., ‘The’). This indicates that this word will be used as part of your essay’s opening sentence or paragraph; in other words, it sets up what follows in terms of content or tone/mood, etc…
• The second word may be capitalized but sometimes isn’t (e.’). This shows us where our focus needs to lie when we’re planning out our ideas before writing them down – either on ourselves (I want) or something external from us (you need).

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Why are good titles important in IELTS Reading?

The first and most important function of a title is to provide the reader with an indication of what they will find in the passage. If a title is too vague, it can be difficult for someone who wants to read about a particular topic to decide whether or not this passage is worth their time and effort. For example: “The Importance of Reading” could refer to anything from reading newspapers or magazines; it does not indicate whether you should expect to find any specific information about reading skills in this particular piece of writing.
• A good title should also be relevant–that is, it should relate directly back to what happens within your chosen passage(s). This helps readers understand where each section fits into their overall understanding of an issue or process being described by the authors’ words and ideas. For example: “The Impact Of Technology On Human Life” would be more appropriate than just listing off random words such as “technology,” “human life,” etc., because these two topics are connected by virtue of both being related topics under discussion within our article/essay/etcetera; thusly making them relevant enough together that we might want them grouped together under one heading rather than separated out into separate categories.”


The answer is simple: you should choose the title that best reflects the content of the passage. The question asks you to choose between two or more options, and it will always ask you this question in a multiple choice format. So, if one option sounds better than another, choose it! You can also approach for IELTS training classes for a better idea on the exam.