Is A Band 8 Achievable In IELTS Test?

Achieve IELTS Band 8 with these tips

Many students from India who do not have English as their mother language are concerned about taking the IELTS. More particularly they are worried if it is possible to aim for and achieve a score that is higher than IELTS band 8. For most test-takers, a band of 7 is good enough as immigration to Canada as well as most universities accept an IELTS score of 7. However, if you are aiming to get admitted into some of the best universities then you should definitely set your sights higher. In any case, it is best to always aim for a higher band, because as the popular saying goes. “If you aim for the stars, you can reach the tree-top, but if you aim for the tree-top, you will stay where you are”.

How To Get IELTS Band 8?

IELTS Band 8.5 may be within reach for test-takers whose first language is English or those who are used to speaking English in school and at home. But if you are someone who normally doesn’t converse in English, then you may definitely doubt how to score 8 in IELTS. We are here to tell you that not only is an IELTS band 8 and above approachable but also achievable if you prepare for the complete IELTS Syllabus and Exam Pattern using the right strategies. So without further ado, here are our section-wise tips for IELTS preparation that will help you achieve a high score.


The listening section of the IELTS test can be a bit competitive and difficult. It is best to practice as many listening tests as possible, so you can get used to the accent and lexicon of the speech. You should get comfortable with listening to the conversations and comprehending them at the same speed in which they are being relayed, and that will come only after hours of practice if English is not your first language.


The reading section is another area, where non-native English speakers find it tough to reach a high score. Many students are not familiar with a wide genre of writing and thus are not comfortable with reading the passages. The best way to overcome this fear is to read a wide variety of articles, books, and magazines. During the test, you should answer the questions directly in the answer sheet in order to save time.

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In the writing section, the best thing to do is to keep your passages short and crisp. Remember the adage that ‘brevity is the soul of wit’. A long rambling passage can only serve to irritate the examiner and reduce your points. Make sure all sentences are grammatically perfect. Prefer to use the active voice wherever possible. If you get a chance to use some of the fancier words you have learned in your IELTS prep, then you should definitely do so, but make sure that you are using them in the appropriate place.

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You can score high in the speaking section if you keep a few points in mind

  1. Speak with a clear and measured diction
  2. Do not use a fake accent to impress the examiner
  3. Avoid using filler words such as umm, Uhh  or like
  4. Include some good idioms or expressions in your conversation at the right places
  5. Start and end with a strong statement

If you follow these tips then an IELTS band 8 preparation or above will no longer be an unreachable dream. To get more help and guidance enroll for Special IELTS Coaching by our experienced trainers.