Keep Calm and Carry On With Your IELTS Preparation

Strategies to stay calm and succeed in IELTS Exam.

There are times in our preparation for IELTS, when we start feeling stressed and overwhelmed especially if English is not our first language. There are many students who do phenomenally well on other entrance tests, only to be handicapped with a low score in the IELTS test. Or let’s take the case of an individual who aspires to migrate to Canada or Australia, where the IELTS score is mandatory. He may be qualified in every other way for obtaining a PR visa, but if he cannot achieve a minimum score in the IELTS, then he has to give up his dreams of settling in Canada.

Given this background, it isn’t surprising that many students have more anxiety with respect to the IELTS than any other exam. If you have a fair knowledge of English and practice diligently for the IELTS test, then even you can score in band 8 or above. So why do many people score low in the test? The answer is that they let their anxiety get better of them. Cognitive behavior scientists have recognized that stress causes us to perform poorly in our tests and therefore it is important to stay calm and carry on with the IELTS preparation for best results.

How to Plan For a Stress-Free IELTS Preparation

The importance of staying calm, when you prepare to give important tests like the IELTS exam, cannot be stressed enough (pun intended!) we share a few tips that will help you get into the right mental state, both during IELTS preparation, and while writing the exam

Make meditation a daily habit

Making meditation a daily habit can help you not just with your IELTS exam, but also in all other aspects of your life. You will become calmer, more focused and more productive in all other spheres.

Get some exercise

Whether you hit the gym in the morning, take your dogs out for a walk or cycle around your street, getting some exercise is the best way to boost your mood and increase your confidence for any exam you are preparing for, including the IELTS.

Read books

Reading books you enjoy, will not only put your mind in a happy place, but will also, help you sneak in some IELTS preparation, without having to think about it. Reading before bed-time is best as you will retain what you have read, and you will find your proficiency in English steadily improving.

Write it out

Many psychologists agree that writing out our thoughts can help us get over them more easily. You can keep a daily journal and make it a practice to write your thoughts every day in the morning. This will help you cope better with your anxiety and also help you in the writing section of the IELTS test.

Avoid processed foods

If you are serious about performing well on the IELTS or any other competitive exam, then you should be willing to give up some of your favorite junk food items like pizza, burger, cake etc. It is widely acknowledged that eating processed foods affects your brain and makes it less focused and sharp.

With these tips and habits you can succeed in IELTS Exam with a calm mind & boost your score.