Last Minute Tips for IELTS Preparation

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While we would be the last people to advocate a last-minute preparation for an exam that is as important as the IELTS, we also do understand that sometimes you may be in a situation where you are suddenly required to write an IELTS test or have not had sufficient time to prepare for the test. As we have often stated in our blog, nothing can compensate for steady and consistent effort over a period of more than six months. However, if you are ever caught in a situation where you have less than a fortnight for preparation or you want to refresh yourself with some last-minute revision, we have a few tips for you.

Tips for IELTS Preparation in Less Than a Fortnight

What would you do if you have less than a fortnight for IELTS prep? Well to start with, we do hope you have a decent level of knowledge of English, which you probably have if you are reading this blog because with a basic knowledge of the language you can hope to achieve success in such a short time. Our top tips for last-minute preparation for IELTS are as follows

1. Take a Top-down Approach

With such a short time to go before the exam, it would be wise to jump right in and start solving mock exams from day one. This would help you assess where you stand vis-a-vis each section and know your strong and weak areas. It would also help you get familiarized with the test format.

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2. Burn the Midnight (Or Midday) Oil

Though it is generally recommended that you get your full 8 hours of sleep when preparing for a test, desperate times need desperate measures. When you have only less than 15 days to go for the test and you are not prepared, then the best thing you can do is to shore out a few extra hours from your daily routine or sacrifice a few minutes of your beauty sleep. However, we do not recommend that you give up more than an hour of your sleep as that can be counter-productive

3. Seek Help from an Expert

During the last-minute preparation for IELTS, you will need all the help you can. While self-study may work as a strategy for some, it is better that you approach a reputed coaching class or IELTS trainer that can provide you with strategies for preparation

4. Take Intelligent Breaks Between Study Sessions

Now what do we mean by intelligent breaks? Many students who are on a break from their IELTS preparation, like to throw their books aside and sit in front of the TV. However doing so, not only does not help your mind to rest but is actually counter-productive. Watching Television can actually add stress on your brain and make it more mentally exhausted. We recommend that you go on a walk or do deep breathing exercises during your break from studies. Another way is to listen to any brain-enhancing music tapes such as alpha waves or diurnal beats which can easily be found on YouTube.

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5. Make the Clock Your Study Buddy

Whenever you sit down to practice for the IELTS make sure you have a clock with you. Attempt each and every question in the IELTS Exam Syllabus under timed conditions so that you can be confident of completing each section on time. You can buy a small alarm clock, just for this purpose, and set timers on it, or use your smartphone for setting timers. We recommend the former approach as it can add to your motivation to study, especially if you buy the clock in bright cheerful colors.

6. Make a Fun Plan

One of the most important things to do, when you have to study at the last minute is to make a plan that makes studies fun for you. Don’t let the preparation get monotonous. You can plan to practice reading on one day and listening on the next and so on, so that you can give your brain the variety it craves.

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