7 Practical Tips to Score 80+ in PTE Writing

practical tips for pte writing

Is PTE Writing frightening you? And you are checking out that plenty of tips and tricks for PTE writing over the internet but not sure which works? Here we have collected some practical tips to score 80+ in PTE Writing.

The PTE writing section has two parts, Summarize written text and Essay Writing.

Summarize Written Test:

This section contains a paragraph, which needs to be studied, and writes a summary of that passage. You will have 10 minutes to read and write the summary of the given text. By following the best PTE exam tips, one can write a perfect essay.

Essay Writing:

This is the toughest part when compared to the writing summary section. You will get 20 minutes to finish writing an essay on a given topic, in which you need to plan and execute your thoughts in a well-mannered way.

Scoring 80+ in the PTE writing test is not a hard-hitting thing to achieve with an impeccable plan. Here are our seven tips to achieve an 80+ score in PTE Writing

1. Never Repeat the Content

The common mistake by most of the PTE aspirants, repeating the sentences from the paragraph. Even repeating the sentences in your essay, again and again, can also lower your score. Expanding content just for the sake of word count can be a wrong practice.

2. Let it Be Simple

Yes, a PTE exam score is indeed very important for your future, still, you don’t need to use high-level language to impress the evaluator. The more simple you write the more elegant it will look.

Never go for lengthy essays. Keep it short and limit to the required number of words. This way it will be easy while proofreading. And it is one best way to improve your PTE writing score.

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3. Have your Own Format

Every Essay needs a format and formats help in giving shape to your thoughts. For example, there can be a 3 paragraph essay where the first one will be Introduction, the second will be the body and the third will be the conclusion. With this kind of format, you can easily segregate the content with their respective ideology.

However, the point to be noted is, there are millions of students who take the PTE test daily, and how many of them use the same old format? So, always have your own format. Practice writing on a variety of topics and get a full-pledged template for your PTE writing test.

4. Improve Vocabulary

Vocabulary is the key to an outstanding essay. You may doubt that “you just said to keep it simple and again saying vocabulary is key”. Vocabulary helps in making lengthy sentences shorter with the exact meaning.
How to improve vocabulary? Develop a habit of reading newspapers or articles, if you feel them boring, you can even read the novels of your favorite genre.

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5. Never Forget to Conclude

Summarizing your paragraph is the most important thing for boosting PTE score. This is also a common mistake by PTE test takers. Essay writing is a presentation of an opinion where highlighting your point or opinion which needs to be justified with proper reason and conclude with a summary of your entire essay. Following these protocols can aid in your PTE score

6. Pick the Keywords Carefully

Include keywords in your essay that are appropriate. And, how to pick them? You can get your keywords from the essay or question given. Remaining from your opinion.

7. Organize your Thoughts

Never start writing immediately after seeing the question. Take 2-3 minutes to read, understand the essay or question and organize your thoughts. It is of no use if you get an important point that can be included after finishing the essay. That why it is important to plan your presentation for raising your PTE score bar.

Any exam can be easy with practice and expert guidance. Follow these tips which help in the betterment of PTE score. For more expert tips take the help of PTE academic trainers.