Preparation Tips for New Pattern GRE Test for 2021

GRE Test Prep - GTPrep

The pattern for the GRE test has undergone many changes over the years. This year too the GRE test designers have made some changes to the pattern of the test. However the gist of the test remains the same. That is, it is designed to test your skills in the spheres of quantitative understanding and verbal communication. Many students who attempt the test put in many hour of rigorous practice. However they do not get their desired scores. What could be the reason for that? The obvious reason is the lack of proper planning. Studying and preparation for the GRE test requires proper planning if one hopes to achieve success.

Steps To Prepare For GRE Test

Step 1- Determine time for preparation
The first step would be to decide how long you want your preparation to take or in other words, how many hours you will be able to devote each day.

You should also bear in mind whether you plan to join the fall course or summer course at the university. This would give you an idea of the time you have. If you are planning to apply for scholarship or financial aid, then it is best to try for the the fall season, as the chances for getting grants are higher in fall

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Step 2- Learn about the format and structure of the GRE test correctly
The GRE pattern and syllabus can change from time to time.  It is important to be abreast of the latest updates and changes to the pattern. Generally, the test comprises of a verbal section, quant section along with a section on analytical writing. There are also some differences in the patterns of paper based and computer based tests. The computer test uses adaptive testing for its questions.

Step 3 – Don’t neglect your current academics
If you are a student, then it is important to keep in mind that your current course is equally important. You should not neglect it for GRE test preparation. Many colleges will look out for good transcripts along with your GRE score, when considering your application.

Step 4 – Decide on the method of preparation
You may decide to opt for self study method or you may decide to join a class for your preparation. There are advantages and disadvantages of both methods and it’s important to research them thoroughly before taking your decision

Step 5 – Commitment and consistency is the key to success
In-spite of making the best plans, many students fail to score in the top percentile. The reason for this is a lack of consistency. It is very important to be committed and consistent in your preparation if you hope to achieve success.