New changes in PTE Academic in Test Duration & Online Test Version


Great news for PTE Test-takers, Pearson, who is the test maker of the PTE test, has announced a major update in the PTE Academic test recently which will be effective from November 16th, 2021. After running many analyses by the researchers in Pearson, they come up with some changes to improve the test-takers experience.

What is going to Change in PTE Academic?

1. PTE test shortened

As per the recent updates, the PTE Academic test has been shortened from 3hours to 2 hours. Even with two hours of test duration, Pearson has mentioned that there will not be absolutely any change in the testing level. The test is going to be neither easy nor more difficult.
They also mentioned that the new 2 hours PTE test will also be fast, accurate, and secure. As usually the score will be recognized by all the global Universities.

2. Reduced number of Questions

With shortening the duration, PTE has reduced the number of questions from 70-82 to 52-64 questions. While the question types will remain the same. It means candidates can expect all the 20 question types in PTE. But the frequency can differ. For example, if there were 10-12 questions for a question type earlier, now it can be only 7-8. All these changes will be effective from November 16th, 2021.

So, it is suggested for students to prepare all question types with essential tips to follow before PTE test.

3. Simplified Score Reports

Earlier PTE Academic score reports have both overall and communication skill scores present. But the new PTE test will not have the skill score. Instead, feedback will be given on the performance uniquely. That score can be accessed by the candidate only through the MyPTE account.

Pearson has mentioned that there will be absolutely no change in scoring pattern and accuracy. And the new PTE scores acceptance by the universities will also remain the same.

4. PTE Online Version acceptance

Another great news for students who dream to study abroad is PTE’s online test version acceptance. Previously the PTE online test score is not being accepted for visa or migration purposes. And this is going to be changed from November 16th, 2021. Even the PTE Online scores will be accepted for migration and education purposes all over the globe. Such updates and technology usage in PTE improved for a better student experience.

5. Removed 10 minutes optional break

Ten minutes optional break is removed in the new PTE Academic test. This can help in finish the test faster. Students can grab a drink and visit the washroom before sitting for the test. The main reason for reducing the test duration is to save students time which can be utilized in some other ways.

New PTE Test Format:

1. Introduction – 1 minute – No Change in duration
2. Speaking & Writing [Part 1] – 54-67 minutes
3. Reading [Part 2] – 29-30 minutes
4. 10 min optional break – Removed
5. Listening [Part 3] – 30-43 minutes

Here is a simple way to understand the new PTE test format with a number of questions.


Test Old Time Duration New Duration(approx.)

No.of Questions (approx.)


Introduction 1 minute No Change – 1 minute

Part 1

Speaking & Writing 77 – 93 minutes 54 – 67 minutes

28 – 36

Part 2 Reading 32 – 41 minutes 29 – 30 minutes

13 – 18


Optional Break 10 minutes Removed


Part 3


45 – 57 minutes

30 – 34 minutes

12 – 20


Overall, the new PTE test is going to be for 2hours with 52 – 64 questions. As there is no change in question types, students are suggested to practice all the types and concepts. For the betterment of scores, Pearson is going to make the PTE 2 hours practice tests available from October 27th, 2021.

For more detailed information and personalized training for the new PTE test, check our PTE Coaching sessions which are available both offline and online.