The PTE Academic Uses Technology to Improve Student Experience

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The PTE academic test is administered over the computer and that is a big boon for test takers, as it is minimizes the chance for human interference or human error. Tests that are computer-based like the PTE academic tend to be impartial and largely reliable. They provide an accurate measurement of the test-taker’s skills in all the four sections of reading, writing, listening and speaking. As the PTE is marked by a computer-assisted marking technology, the speed and efficiency of scoring the test is greatly increased.

Reasons for Popularity of PTE Academic

Many Students from India, who go abroad to study choose to give the PTE academic over the other the other choices for English language tests such as the IELTS, as they find that the test is best for showcasing all possible levels of proficiency in the exam. Another reason for students to choose PTE academic is the fool-proof and error-proof measures taken by the administers of the test. The Pearson academic board has invested a lot of money in improving standards and digital and biometric security measures.  This makes the test scores more trusted, reliable and accepted by universities across the world.

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The third reason for the increasing popularity of PTE academic is that the test administers use the learning from Artificial Intelligence (AI) to build algorithms which can efficiently and quickly evaluate a candidate’s ability to communicate in English. The PTE has a computer- based marking system, which can ensure that all the candidates who take the test, are scored with equal weightage and favor. Moreover, the PTE test centers use state of the art technology such as biometrics and forensics to ensure that only the student is taking the test and not sending a proxy. This can greatly improve the validity of the test scores.

The fourth reason for the popularity of the PTE academic is that the entire exam is covered in a single three-hour exam session, which makes it convenient for students.

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