Essential Tips to Follow Before PTE Test

PTE Exam Preparation Tips - GT Prep

The PTE exam is growing in popularity among students and aspiring immigrants who are seeing it as a worthy alternative to the IELTS test. In this post we share some tips which will help you prepare before the day of the exam

Tips for PTE Exam Preparation

1. Focus on Your Strengths
All of us have our strong and weak areas. While you may have spent a lot of time during preparation pondering about your weak areas and have hopefully been working on them, the day before the exam is not the ideal time to think about your weak areas. It is best to ignore your weak areas and focus on your strong ones at this point. The reason is, weak areas will make you feel dejected and under confident and you will not be able to do your best on the test. On the other hand by focusing on the areas you are confident about, can help you play up to your strengths and perform well on your test.

2. Harness Your Anxiety to Your Advantage
Sometimes having a little worry or anxiety can be a good thing before test day. While we do not advocate being over anxious or stressed out, having little stress can help you focus on the test and stop you from being overly careless or blasé about the exam. You should aim to be clear headed and focused during your exam and avoid being complacent.

3. Get Adequate Rest
It may seem obvious that you need to rest your mind and body before you go for the test, however many students do not follow this simple principle and end up performing badly on the PTE test. You should not over exert yourself on the day before your test nor should you try and cram all the lessons in one day. Not only will it not help you learn anything new, it can also make you forget what you already know.

4. Do Not Confuse the PTE with the IELTS
This tip is specifically for candidates who are attempting both the PTE and IELTS. You have to keep in mind that the format of the tests differs between the two. Keep in mind the exact format of the test, the duration for each section and type of questions that will be asked.

Tips To Follow At the Test Center

1. Make Sure the Equipment Is Working Properly
Once you arrive at the test center, take some time to make sure that all the equipment, including the computer, the microphone and the keyboard is working correctly. It would be disastrous if you start the test and then realize you are not able to record properly. The best thing therefore, is to do a preliminary check and if in case anything this wrong, bring it to the attention of the test supervisors

2. Keep an Eye on the Time
It is important to watch the clock as you write the PTE test and not spend too much time on any one question. If you are stuck at any point its best to move on to the next question and then come back if you have any time left over at the end of the section. Also don’t spend too much time trying to analyze texts that you cannot comprehend

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