SAT Secrets of Success for Quant Section

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The student who plans on getting into one of the best colleges in the USA, should aim to get at least 750 or above in the quant section. A score of 750 or above in quant, can help to compensate a lower score in other sections as well as propel the total score upwards. The most important step to take for getting a higher than average Math score is to understand the nature of the Math section and the questions asked and also formulate the right strategies to score in the test

Strategies to Score on SAT Math Section

The SAT Math section is designed to gauge the knowledge of the student with respect to basic concepts of high school math. However the test is designed in such a way that students will need to know the concepts thoroughly and be able to apply them in different problem situations.

1. Know Your Weakness

Students have to identify their weakness with respect to scoring in the SAT math section. It is generally found that students either do not have the necessary conceptual knowledge for answering questions correctly in the SAT math section, or take too long to answer a question despite knowing the answer. It is important that you should concentrate both on solving the problems correctly as well as solving them within the time allotted to you. It is important to remember that a half attempted question does not get you any marks.

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2. Practice a Lot of Questions

You should be practicing a number of questions from the quant section and not just leave it that, it is important to go through the test results and analyze each and every question, and understand how the mistake was made. You should painstakingly go through each and every question and complete an analysis of what was missing in your understanding

3. Revise to Fill Gaps in Your Conceptual Understanding

It is important to fill any gaps of concepts if they exist. You should be revising regularly to master all the concepts of maths including, algebra, mathematics, and geometry. You should practice both formula and word problems to make sure that no question is left unanswered by you.4.

4. Try and Try Before You Give Up

If you do not know the answer of the question you are attempting, do not immediately turn to the answer section. You should give yourself some more time to reflect on the question and see if you can answer the question by yourself. Only when you are sure, you cannot attempt it on your own, should you look for an answer. Once you find the answer you should also learn about the underlying concept and analyze why you were not able to solve the problem in the first attempt.

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