A Complete Guide for Sentence Completion: IELTS Reading

IELTS Reading is a section that can be very easy to get a high band in, or very difficult depending on how you approach it. The IELTS examiners want you to read between two and three texts) and answer around 20 questions based on what you have read. You will also have about 40 minutes for this task. In this post, we’ll go over some tips for answering IELTS reading sentence completion questions effectively and efficiently so that you can do them quickly without sacrificing accuracy!

IELTS Exam syllabus and pattern

You should know that IELTS Reading is a paper that tests your ability to read and understand academic texts. The IELTS test pattern and syllabus consist of four sections: one independent reading passage (about 700 words), two integrated reading passages (about 1,200 words each), one pair of structured questions, and an unstructured question.

The total time allowed for this section is 90 minutes, but you should spend at least 15 minutes reading through the text in preparation for answering questions based on its content.

In this article, we will look at how sentence completion questions work in IELTS Reading tests and what they test you on!

Syllabus of IELTS Reading

  • IELTS Reading will test you on your ability to understand, interpret and analyze written texts.
  • Sentence completion questions require you to identify an appropriate word or phrase to complete a sentence or paragraph. These questions may be based on facts, opinions or instructions given in the passage. They test your ability to understand what is being said in order to choose the correct answer from the four options provided at the end of each sentence/paragraph.
  • Summary questions ask you what main ideas have been presented in the text and how they relate to each other. They also ask you which details help support these main points and why they are important for understanding these points better than others do not support them at all! Taking IELTS tutoring classes would benefit in your IELTS preparation.

IELTS Reading – Sentence Completion Questions

Sentence completion questions are a type of reading comprehension question found in the IELTS Academic Reading Test. They test your ability to understand and interpret written material by asking you to complete a sentence with a word, phrase, or clause that makes sense within the context of what has been read.

Sentence completion questions consist of two parts: an incomplete sentence and five possible answers (A-E). You must select one of these five choices as correct; there is no “none of the above” option available for this type of question!

What is a sentence completion question?

A sentence completion question is a type of reading comprehension question that asks you to complete a sentence by selecting one of the options provided. For example, you might be asked:

  • ‘I am sure that…’
  • ‘In my opinion…’
  • ‘I think that…’
  • ‘In my experience…’

‘These types of questions can be easily identified by their word ‘that’. This is a very common type of reading comprehension question.

In the IELTS Reading exam, you can expect to see between 4 and 6 Sentence Completion questions. These questions are worth 2 marks each, which means that they’re relatively easy to answer, compared to other types of questions in the reading section.

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Examples of IELTS Reading – Sentence Completion Questions with answers

A sentence completion question is a type of IELTS reading question that requires you to fill in a missing word or words in a sentence.

Sentence completion questions are usually based on the content of the reading passage and require you to understand what has been said before answering them. They can be used as part of an integrated task, where there are other types of questions asked alongside this type; however, they may also be stand-alone items within an exam paper.

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Tips and tricks to crack IELTS Reading – Sentence Completion Questions

  • Read the question carefully
  • Understand the context
  • Select the most appropriate answer and Check your answer
  • Take your time to think about the answer (skip difficult questions)
  • Remember to use your time wisely because you have only 35 minutes per reading section in IELTS Reading exam.
  • Read the question carefully, and make sure you understand exactly what it asks. Look at the answer choices and consider what they mean in relation to the reading passage.
  • Be careful not to jump to conclusions! You may have missed something important earlier in the text that would change your mind about one or more of these answers.
  • Choose an answer based on what you’ve read in the passage, not on personal opinion or common sense.
  • Check your answer against the text. If you don’t understand why your answer is correct, read the paragraph again and try to find something that supports it.
  • If you are unsure about an answer, choose the one that makes the most sense to you. This is more important than whether there is evidence in support of it in the reading passage.
  • Finally, remember that there is no “right” answer. The most important thing is that you understand why each answer choice makes sense within the passage.


Sentence Completion Questions on IELTS Reading are a great way to improve your score. They’re also a lot of fun, so don’t be afraid to try them out! You can use our tips and tricks to help you get started with this type of question and give yourself the best chance possible at getting the answer right. We hope our section on sentence completion questions was helpful for those of you who are preparing for your exam soon.