Jul 18 2023

TOEFL Listening: 7 Hacks to Ace the Listening Section

Introduction Listening is the most difficult section of the TOEFL exam. It’s also the most important because your score in this section determines how many points you can get in total. In this post, I’ll give you some tips on how to do well in the listening section of TOEFL by focusing on nonverbal communication,

toefl new exam pattern and syllabus
Apr 14 2021

New TOEFL Exam Pattern and Section-wise Syllabus for 2021 Applicants

TOEFL is the universal English Proficiency test for candidates who wish to study abroad in American and Canadian universities. This standardized test has gone through many changes in the past few years. And recently a new exam pattern has been released with an updated syllabus. Go through this article to have a complete idea of