How to Improve Your SAT Score with 7 Easy Tips

tips for highest sat score

SAT exam is one of the global tests for the students who dream to study under graduation at the United States or Canada Universities. The College Board allows students to have multiple attempts to gain a good Score at SAT Exam. Now the question arises, what is the best strategy to achieve a better SAT Score? Here are some easy tips to improve your SAT score quickly.

1. Let the clock ‘tic’

Time management is the key to a good SAT score. It doesn’t mean you should just be ‘fast’. Accuracy is also mandatory. So, take your time, understand the question and then choose the answer wisely. Improve your speed by practicing with a timer.

2. Follow the rule of Elimination

Generally, in multiple-choice either all the four answers seem to be correct or all four to be wrong. To escape the trap, follow the rule of elimination. That is, Instead of finding reasons for why the option is correct, it is better to find why it is wrong. Once you got a strong reason for why it can be a wrong answer, eliminate it. Follow the same until you left with the one correct answer.

3. A glance at the Passage

“Passage Reading” is a very important part of SAT coaching to score high. This section is the one that consumes more time. A fast reader finds it easy but a slow reader feels like reading a book. A better way to do it quicker is, focus on the first and last paragraphs to understand the author’s point of view. Then, for the remaining content, read the first and last lines to get the mental indexes for the paragraph. It is not necessary to remember all the information point by point. So, once you got the index, check the questions go to that point in the paragraph, and answer it with a proper valid reason.

4. After all, that’s not the question

Exams like SAT without tricks and traps are just a dream. Particularly in the math section, the questions and the prompts confuse and most of the candidates run around the prompt instead of the question. Prompt is the description and the question is the last part which you need to solve. Interestingly, the prompt answer will also be available in the options. Check twice before you start solving.

5. Take the help of choices to solve the question

While solving maths questions, it is suggested to look at the answers before start solving. Sometimes, you can find an easier or right way to solve the problem. For example, while solving algebra, instead of solving through a lengthy equation, go with the trial and error method. It saves a lot of time.

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6. Write with a Plan

Essay writing can raise your score if it was written with a proper flow. Organize your thoughts, plan how to present them, and apply. Start with an introduction and end it with a proper conclusion summarizing all the points in the body of the essay. For the body, make sure you are explaining details to get a clear view of your essay. Never forget to proof-read and check for the important grammar rules in SAT writing.

7. Practice, Practice, Practice

This is the most important tip. You can use the above all tips only by practicing. The more you practice, the better you score.

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