7 Tips to Improve your SAT Reading Score

sat reading tips

SAT exam maximum score is 1600 points in which Evidence Reading & Writing and Math sections score will be 800 each. Scoring 800 in SAT reading section is not a hard rock to crack with professional guidance and tips. Although above 750 in reading will make your overall score incline towards 1600. And that makes your dream come true to study at top universities.
If your score is below 700 or if you are trying for 800 which is the maximum score, here are 7 simple tips to improve your SAT Reading score.

1. Work on weaknesses

A better way to improve your SAT reading score is to find your weakness and working on them. How to do it? Simple, take some practice tests with a timer and try to finish the test within the time.  It’s the crucial part of your SAT Preparation Strategy.

If you are stuck on any question or spending more than a minute, note it down and move on to the next question. After taking 3-4 tests, observe the part where you are getting stuck and spend a little more time on it. If you were unable to finish in time, then speed is your issue.

2. Elimination Strategy

For questions based on SAT Grammar Rules , where all the options look alike, make use of this elimination strategy. Find out why the option is incorrect rather than justifying why it is correct. A strong reason is your lead to eliminate it. Apply the same until you have one correct answer.

3. Have an answer on your own

Before looking at choices, have an answer on your own after reading the question. Because the trickiest part of the SAT reading section is, all answers seem to be right. So, have an opinion and check which option is matching with yours. That’s how you can escape the trap.

4. Change the way you read

Lengthy passages are the biggest nightmares for many of the slow readers. And as passages questions consume more time, here are some simple tricks to make it easy:

• Read it with the thumb. This helps to focus without any distractions.
• Focus on the first and last lines of the paragraph to understand the context.
• Build a mental index of the passage.
• No need to remember all the details of the passage.
• Check the questions and answer as per the built mental index.
• Answer the author’s point of view questions at the last.

5. No time for brainstorming

Understanding your drawbacks is advantageous here. Because, once you know the question which needs brainstorming, it can be skipped or you can guess an answer and move to the next. This particular skill comes with more practice at the time of your SAT Training Sessions and it helps you in saving some valuable minutes.

6. Save some time for a quick check

It is always good practice to finish the SAT test before 2-3 minutes. So that extra time can be used for a quick check to make sure all the questions were answered, bubbled, and also to go through skipped questions.

7. More and more Practice

Nothing is impossible with practice. And dreams don’t work unless you do. So, try to read more to get used to it. This will help not just for boosting SAT Reading score but for your entire life.

Along with all the tips, remember to believe in yourself and stay positive. Here we have covered only SAT Reading tips. For more expert guidance please visit the website https://www.gtprep.in/