How to Score 720+ On Your GMAT Test In Just One Month

How to score 720 and higher in the GMAT test.

Preparing for your GMAT test may seem like a lot of hard work, but it will most certainly pay off in the end as a high score will enable you to get into one of the top MBA programs in the world. The higher your score the better your chances at getting into a top B-School. However, it is important to note that a good GMAT score would not necessarily be the same score for every student as each one’s requirements are different.  Most of the top B schools in the USA, for example, require a score of 715 or above. If you want to be considered for these schools then you should be asking a question yourself, “How to get a 720 in GMAT?”

 Many students feel that such a score is unachievable and settle for schools on the lower rung of the rankings scale. However, we are here to help you achieve this score, even if you only have a month left for preparation.


Tips To Score High On GMAT Test with One Month Preparation

First of all, you should have a proper study plan in place. You can talk to our tutors who will help you design a one-month plan for GMAT preparation, based on your level and time constraints. However, it is best to set aside a block of six weeks minimum to prepare for your GMAT test. After all, your entire future depends on this, and you should be able to commit six weeks to prepare for the test.

Plan Your Schedule

If you are a student or a working professional, you should be able to devote an hour in the morning and an evening every day for your GMAT prep and plan how to prepare GMAT in one month. Also, try and keep one day in the week completely free of preparation to allow your brain to rest and assimilate what you have already learned. If you can manage to put in more than 3 hours per day, then that would be the best scenario. If you are a working person, then you could carry recorded audio of verbal lessons or flashcards and use them while you are commuting to your place of work. There are also many free podcasts available on the internet for GMAT preparation, which you can listen to on the way to the office or back home.  Some students prefer to study for a couple of hours during weekdays and put in a marathon study session on Saturdays. Sunday is the day of rest.

Be Flexible With Timing

Some students may find it difficult to commit so many hours to their studies on account of work constraints, in such a case don’t try to give the GMAT test in one month, but give yourself more time for preparation. The time it takes to complete your assignments will vary based on your skill level and understanding of the subject. Another thing of note is that you should not be disheartened if at first, you are taking longer than expected to finish your lesson. With more practice and as time goes by, you will be able to finish your preparation soon enough.


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Don’t Lose Out On Sleep

Another important factor to keep in mind is that students should not lose out on their sleep while preparing for the GMAT. You will need at least 8 or more hours of sleep every day. Scientists have proved that most of the memory coding takes place during REM sleep which comes in the last hour of 8-hour sleep session. Therefore it is extremely important to get adequate sleep.

Following these GMAT test tips diligently will help you score 720 and higher.