10 Tips To Score 800 on SAT Math Section

How to score 800 on SAT Math

A perfect 800 on SAT Math test is possible only with dedication and perfection. Scoring 800 means answering all 58 questions on the test correctly. We know it’s tough. No need to panic. Here is the collection of advanced strategies to score 800 on SAT Math.

Why Score 800 on SAT Math:

SAT total score is 1600, in which 800 for the Math section and 800 for the reading & writing section. So scoring 800/800 in the Math section will give an edge and flexibility for the reading and writing parts. For applicants who have Math as a strength and English as a weak point, scoring 800 on SAT Math can be advantageous. Plus, if you score 800 in SAT Math, only 730 is enough for SAT reading & writing.

A point to be noted here is these strategies are more suitable for the candidates who can achieve 700. But if you are struggling to get 700, follow these tips to get 700 on SAT Quant section.

Is it easy to score 800 on SAT Math?

Well, to be frank, it is not that easy. SAT Math questions are tough but not complex. The test’s complexity depends on the candidate’s level of practice. SAT doesn’t test complex mathematics as it is a nationalized test and should be generic for all students from all backgrounds.

More practice can make familiar to the syllabus which can be helpful to answer indirect questions also. So, yes, it is easy to score 800 on SAT with the right strategies and practice. Below are our expert strategies which created a record number of success stories.

How to Score 800 on SAT Math:

As mentioned above, this article helps intellectuals to boost your SAT score from 700 to 800. Because, to score full marks on SAT test, you need more than just the regular tips like, “Guess it. No negative marking”. To score 800, each question is important, so there is no chance for a guess. You should make sure all the questions are correct. Here are the most awaited 10 best strategies to score 800 on SAT Math.

1. Work on the weakness

Some can have time management, some can have formulas, and some may have a different one as a weakness. To find the weak point, make sure to practice with sample papers. After each test, find which is leading to loss of marks.

2. Every mistake counts

To get a perfect 800 on SAT Math section each question needs to be answered correctly. So never ignore any mistake during the practice. Each mistake counts. Learn from them with tons of practice papers. This approach can lead to a new kind of strategy to avoid mistakes that can improve your SAT score.

3. Practice even rare questions

Some kinds of questions are rare to appear on SAT examinations. Even it appears it won’t be more than 1 question. If the topic is tough, a 700 target person can skip it. But unfortunately, skip is not an option while 800 is fixed as the target.

4. Pause and Retry the mistakes

Never look at the explanation while checking the errors. Instead, give it a pause and retry to answer the mistake in another approach. A problem solved without looking at the answer will result in the trick used to solve for a long time. So, no sneak peek.

5. No place for choice

In general, during the SAT Preparation, or any other test preparation, most of the candidates take a look at the syllabus and leave the toughest parts or the not-so-popular sections to choose as if they don’t have a huge impact on the SAT score. But, sorry to say this, to score 800 on SAT Quant section, no question should be left for choice.

6. Finish with Extra time for double check

Time management can be achieved only through a lot of practice. Answering all questions is not enough, all we need is to answer right. There should not be any mistake done even in hurry. To make sure that has not happened, finish the test with time left to double-check the answers.

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7. Answer & then Bubble

The most common mistake by SAT Test takers is to bubble the answer one by one immediately after finding the answer. This way a lot of time will be wasted. Instead, first, answer all the questions and then start bubbling. This way ‘bubbled a wrong question’ kind of mistakes can also be avoided.

8. Memorize formulas

This is an important tip to score more in SAT Math. Try to memorize basic formulas. Sometimes learning their theorem helps to remember. Or there are many tricks to memorize formulas. There is nothing wrong with using them unless it is cheating.

9. Lessen the Calculator usage

A calculator can be used but not even for smaller calculations. Use formulas and mental calculations to fasten the solving time. Again it can be achieved with practice.

10. Be calm during the test

No matter what happened, make sure to be calm and clear during the test. Anxiety and nervousness will not allow thinking properly. Follow these best tips to prepare for SAT Test to feel more confident.

Any strategy or any expert tips can be seen working only when put into practice. So try to spare more time to practice to achieve your dream score on SAT. For more such tips and tricks, consider our SAT Training sessions.