Why Should You Retake The GRE Test?


Probably it has been a day or a week or a month, from the day you gave the GRE test, unfortunately, which resulted in a non-satisfactory score. Remember, you are not alone here. Do you know at least 25% of the GRE test takers appear for the second time? Yes, it is true. So, never lose hope. Learn to handle the hurdle and ride away.

During this hardship, common questions in all minds will “Should I re-take the GRE test?” And it won’t stop there. It is a chain of questions like, “Is it worth writing the GRE again?”, “What if I don’t get through?”, and “Will it look bad to take the GRE twice?” Let’s stop it there.

Considering all our expert’s opinions, we suggest re-taking the GRE test is a good decision for your abroad dream. And of course, you need to pay the fees again. As the GRE fee is a bit higher consider your financial status and proceed with retaking the GRE test. The GRE Retake fee is approx $205 (The same fee for any attempt).

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Here in this blog, we are going to unwrap all the answers to your questions so by the end of this article, you will be confident enough to retake the GRE test.

Why should you retake the GRE test?

1. Can’t let your Abroad Education dream fade away

You must be dreaming about studying abroad and settling over there since childhood. And just one test can’t erase everything. We know that there is a struggle for years long and when it didn’t come out well on the result, it is hard to digest. But a target once set should be reached at any cost.
Stand up again and prepare yourself for the battle once more.

2. Can’t-miss the awaiting ocean of opportunities

The GRE is a globally accepted standardized test that will help in admissions for post-graduation degrees. And the GRE is beneficial for MBA Aspirants as well. So, if you crack GRE, this world is your Oyster. There are millions of opportunities waiting for you.
The GRE score will be helpful not only for the admissions but also during your placements. Many companies consider the GRE score as a valid assessing factor in the process of recruitment.

3. You are experienced now

Every failure is a lesson. Even the previous attempt is not much help with the score, it has left many tips to score more in GRE test like, which section in GRE will consume more time?, or what kind of question types can you expect of GRE test day? Or Challenges you may face on GRE test day, etc.
Considering all these, there is a chance to prepare with new strategies for a better score. There is nothing new to you. No need for stress on the exam day. You can even pick your answering order to save time and focus on tough sections.

4. A chance to score more

As everyone says, practice is one of the best tips for a good GRE score. Here, along with the practice, you have an experience of the exam in real-time which is an added advantage.
Now, as a part of GRE test preparation, plan according to the exam you wrote. Utilize the abundance of time to improve your score.

5. No negative impact on application

We know, after reading all these, you will have a question, “What if I don’t clear this time also?” Well, to be frank, it won’t affect your admission application in the first place. Second, as per the GRE Retake policy; you can take the exam any number of times. Of course, the fee should be paid. But if you are financially strong, don’t give up.


1) How soon can you retake the GRE test?

A) You can take a GRE test once every 21 days.

2) How often can you retake the GRE test?

A) GRE test can be taken a maximum of 5 times in 12 months i.e., in a year.

3) When can I retake the GRE test?

A) As we are speaking about retaking, it is better to give a shot after your preparation and once you feel confident. And you need to make sure, not to waste both money and time again. Anyways, there should be a gap of at least 21 days for each attempt.

4) Do I need to pay fees again for GRE Test for the second attempt?

A) Yes, there are no considerations on fees for GRE tests irrespective of the number of attempts. Each time you take the test, you need to pay the full amount.

5) Is it worth retaking the GRE?

A)Of course yes. As there are more possible chances of improvement in the score, which help in admissions, it is worthy to retake the GRE.

Feeling confident now? Good! Now start your preparation for GRE and for expert guidance, check out our exclusive GRE Coaching sessions.