PTE Repeat Sentence: 5 Tips to Answer Correctly


If there is one thing that PTE candidates are always worried about, it is the writing section of the exam. A lot of students think that they won’t be able to write well on this section because they have never written an essay before or maybe it has been a while since they wrote an essay in their native language. In this article, we will show you how you can easily write sentences in PTE Repeat Sentence Task 1 so that you can get a good score in this section and also learn how to answer short questions correctly in PTE Repeat Sentence Task 2.

Understanding PTE Repeat sentence

  • When you’re faced with a repeat sentence question on PTE Writing, it’s important to remember that you have to write a sentence that repeats what’s already written in the text. The original sentence must be grammatically correct and make sense in the context of its paragraph.
  • In order for your answer to be considered correct, you must also include punctuation at the end of your answer as well as capitalization at appropriate places within it (e.g., proper nouns).

How to answer PTE repeat sentence questions?

To answer a PTE repeat sentence question, you’ll need to know the meaning of the sentence, identify its major ideas, and write them in alphabetical order.
Then start with the first sentence and expand it into an essay containing three paragraphs with three sentences each:
• Paragraph 1: Expand on your initial idea from the given sentence (i.e., “My favorite holiday is Christmas because…”)
• Paragraph 2: Provide support for your initial idea by providing details about why you like Christmas so much (i.e., “It’s when everyone comes together as a family and we get presents! And it’s just fun!”)
• Paragraph 3: End with an original thought or statement that extends beyond what has already been said about this topic (i.e., “I also love how there are so many lights everywhere during this time of year.”)

6 Best Tips to crack PTE Repeat Sentence

1. Study the changes in vocabulary

In order to answer the PTE Repeat Sentence questions correctly, you need to understand what each sentence means.
• Study the changes in vocabulary, and make sure you have a clear understanding of the meaning of each sentence.
• Focus on keywords and phrases (e.g., “usually”, “never”, etc.) that give away the correct answer choice(s).
• Look for synonyms and antonyms so that you don’t get confused between two different sentences with similar meanings but different words used within them (e.g., “the opposite” vs. “opposite”).

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2. Identify the major ideas first and write these in alphabetical order on your answer sheet

The second step is to identify the major ideas and write them in alphabetical order on your answer sheet. This is a simple but important step because it helps you organize your thoughts so that you can focus on each paragraph more easily.
For example, let’s say we’re looking at the following passage:

“Every day, millions of people make their way through crowded streets, past busy shops and restaurants, toward home or work or school.”
You might want to list those three major points first: “crowded streets,” “busy shops and restaurants,” and “home or work or school.” Then go back through each sentence in order until every single sentence has been covered by one of those three categories (or more than one category if necessary).
Once this has been done for every sentence in the paragraph (which should take no longer than five minutes), write down all those words from each category onto separate sheets of paper so that they’re easier for yourself later on when answering questions about them!

3. Start with the first sentence and expand it into an essay in PTE Repeat Sentence

When you start writing, it’s important to have a clear idea of what you want to say. This can help you organize your ideas and make sure that they are expressed clearly.
Start with the first sentence and expand it into an essay containing three paragraphs with three sentences each. Each paragraph should have its own topic sentence (the first sentence) that summarizes the main thought of that paragraph. Ensure that all of your sentences are grammatically correct and make sense in context with one another; follow a few PTE tips before you attempt the exam and don’t just write random words together!

4. A good PTE repeat sentence must be grammatically correct

A good repeat sentence is at least seven words long and it must be grammatically correct and make sense in the context of the paragraph.
• If you’re struggling to find a suitable repeat sentence, think about what your teacher wants you to learn from this short question. For example, you might want to focus on how adverbs are used in a sentence or whether there are any prepositions that could be removed from your answer (or both).

5. Make sure that the PTE Repeat sentence is meaningful

Once you’ve done this, read through everything and make sure that it all makes sense. If it doesn’t, go back and fix it. If it still doesn’t make sense after doing this, ask someone else to check your work.

How to answer short questions in PTE?

  • Practice makes a man perfect. You might find that you make the same mistake over and over again when answering a question, so keep practicing until you get it right on the PTE exam!
  • You can learn from others’ mistakes too! If someone else has answered a question before you, look at how they did it and see if there is anything you could learn from their approach. If there isn’t anything useful for your style of learning then try looking at someone else’s answer instead (but make sure this person does not have an advantage over yourself). Remember: everyone learns differently so don’t compare yourself against others too much – just focus on improving yourself every day!
  • Patience is key when trying out new techniques or strategies in any field – including PTE preparation! Don’t get frustrated if they don’t work immediately; give yourself time before judging whether something worked or not because sometimes things take longer than expected.”


The best way to answer these questions is by memorizing the correct answers. This can be done by reading over the PTE test booklet and listening to PTE audio files. These resources will help you learn and remember all of the possible answers for each question type so that when you take your test, you won’t have to worry about making mistakes on them! You can also join the PTE coaching for extensive preparation.